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Cabbage & My Colon

On St. Patrick's Day I ate 3.25 pounds in 12 minutes of corned beef and cabbage. A nice mixture of good corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. It was very good. One thing I like about eating all this stuff the past two and a half years is learning about the body - the mind, the mouth, and the digestive process. Our bodies have evolved so amazingly from the single cell organisms swimming around in that primordial stew. Anyway, so I ate the cabbage. I'd heard the after-effects could be something, and they were nothing short of explosive: We ate at about 7:30pm on Monday, so from there:

Monday, 10:30pm - much too soon to be the CBC. Probably this was pushed out by the CBC.
Tuesday, 8:45am - a normal movement. I think "what's up with that?"
Wednesday, 2:15am - "there's the cabbage doing its thing". I was sound asleep but I shot up like a dart. It's so cool how the body can wake you up in time before, say, a bloody nose, throwing up, or a major digestive event.
Wednesday, 5:10am - #2. I will spare the details from now on, but suffice it to say that each one was something indeed.
Wednesday, 6:10am - #3
Wedneday, 10:10am - #4
Wednesday, 12:15pm - #5
Wednesday, 2:20pm - #6
Wednesday, 6:30pm - #7

Nothing since that last one, so I may be done?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the st. patty's title! On a more serious note, the amount of movements reinforces why it is important to stay hydrated before and events. Good luck on the 4th, I'll take no prisoners! Stork


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