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Good Eats

So you can guess how this recap will begin:

This time at Olde Tyme, hot dogs -

The dogs are "normal", 8 to a pound. But the real meat is the buns. Maybe one and a half of these to a normal, plain hot dog bun. They're big, dry, and poppy-seeded.

The eater turnout could have been better. I'll never understand why the hell more people don't eat in these things.

I think more than ever before I kept my cheeks maximumally stuffed throughout. Even T-Bonz noticed and kept reminding me to clear them out. I'd nod, but go right back to chipmunking the hell out of these things. For St. Patrick's Day we throwdown corned beef and cabbage and then after that we do a yet-to-be-decided item on 3/28. For these two I will not chipmunk. I will not chipmunk. I will not chipmunk, and see how it goes. To the kids out there, do not overstuff your mouth.

In the end, Homer took it with 16. Stork right behind with 15. I mean 14.5. Me, 12. Anonymous with 7. Big D, DQ. (Jill, that puke plaque is filling up!)

There are more photos in the slideshow. Unfortunately there is not a photo of the pukage.


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