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The food item for this throwdown was cookies, Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin (originally it was to also have been peanut butter but the dough was jobbed. 8 people ate in this one: the usual cast, a couple other guys (one of whom Liz brought along) and three sons of our friends (6, 7, 14 years old).

There were 20 cookies on each plate and the rule was 12-minutes or first-to-finish-40 - whichever came first. The cookies had been baked earlier in the day so they were not hot but just right for consumption. Some of them were crispy, some soft, and some in between. The cookies were of varied size - 3 1/2" to 4" but all were 1.9 ounces. We had 1% milk to use. When it began I was hunting for the soft ones but then I realized I'd have to eat them anyway so just eat. The crowd was pretty lively and kept me going.

At the end, I put down 22 cookies. That was good enough for 2nd, 4 off the winner and about 3 ahead of the guy in 3rd.

Digestively the cookies seemed to stay in my stomach longer than other foods. But they came out faster. In 36 hours or so they, I think, all passed. 3 discharges. The 2nd one was really really explosive. Good thing I was in the grocery store for that one (and not at home). Safeway, please accept my apologies for that one.

For a full slideshow, click here.

Next up: Friday, hot dogs.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Nice! Explosive. Tonight I'm doing an office chocolate challenge. By myself. I don't really like these one-man eating displays, but whatever. I might have some explosive results to report as well.


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