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Hot Dog Eating

Last Friday at Olde Tyme Drafts and Dawgs we threw down some hot dogs.

Final tally was:
Stork, 14.5
Me, 12.5
Dom, 10.5
Big D, 8
Joe, 6.5

Two new eaters showed, Dom and Joe. Dom made a pretty good debut with 10 1/2. He got off to a fast start, no doubt.

That is Joe on the left and Dom in the middle. Hopefully they had a good time eating and at Olde Tyme, and they will show up at future events.

Some hecklers in the peanut gallery wanted to see a reversal - and with me and D eating you never know what might happen - but everyone held on to their meat. Maybe next time someone will spew their meat all over the crowd.

I got scolded by Kat for the lame picture of her from the corned beef & cabbage. Did I mention how good the corned beef & cabbage was? Kat can cook.

A highlight of the evening was checking out the work of Mango who colorfully carved his name in the bar. Hey Mango the rainbow under your name is cute and so is the little bunny rabbit to the right of the O. And the dude blowing chunks is cute too.

More photos can be viewed here.

And thanks again to Jill, Kat and Erin for another fun time!


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Awesome. I love these little contests.


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