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Dispatch.02 from The Road

It turns out the Big Texan Steak Ranch has a killer 72 ounce steak. I ordered that along with a dinner salad, baked potato, 3 fried shrimp, and a dinner roll.

I started with the steak. After 20 minutes I had eaten just over 1/2 of the perfectly medium grilled hunk. Then I had some of the salad, then more meat, and some shrimp, more salad, and on. At about 45 minutes, 1/4 of the steak to go. In that time I had eaten the shrimp, the salad, and the roll. Now I had the steak to finish and that potato.

At the end of an hour of eating, I had not started the potato and I had just 7.1 weighed ounces of steak left. Dang. Next time.

And of course there will be photos and some video when we get home. We're thinking tomorrow we'll drop by the National Helium Monument or something.

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