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Alfonso's Part Dos

You may remember last week Sconey and I went to Alfonso's in the Conoco.

I had a carnitas combinacion that was quite delicious. I saw on the menu that they had a yumbo burrito for $9 when regular burritos are priced in the $3 to $4 range. So we had to go back:

The Yumbo. Steak. Rice. Cheese. Pico. Hold the guac (remember the loose-bowel-movement guacamole from before?). Hold the sour cream.

I thought it'd be a little bigger than the normal burrito size.

The foil-wrapped Yumbo looked pretty daunting. Easily the biggest burrito I've seen. And the biggest I've thunk about eating.

The Yumbo is two big fresh tortillas stuffed with the ingredients.

Above is the second half. I had no idea how to cleanly (and unphallically) eat the whole thing so I cut it in half.

All of the stuff inside was quite tasty. The steak was really good. It was more or less cubed in pieces about the size of little sugar cubes.

And here is the last bite.

I would put the weight of the yumbo burrito at 4 to 5 pounds maybe. The Yumbo was too long for the tray so I turned it diagonally and it was as long as the hypotenuse of the tray. I'd say it is Gordo-sized. (Here's a video of a guy eating the Gordo from Burrito Loco in West Chester, PA [Hello, Dave... SteakB...] in 4 minutes). The Yumbo may be a little shorter but it looks like it is girthier.

NOTE: on the menu the burrito is called "Jumbo". But when I ordered the Jumbo blah blah blah the hispanic guy behind the register asked "what kind of meat do you want on the yumbo" so the Jumbo is now known as the Yumbo.



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