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New IFOCE Rankings!

New rankings are out. Only a few subtle changes. Bertoletti has moved up to #2, ahead of Kobayashi who falls to #3. Good for Pat. I did not agree with the last ranking change that put Joey at #1 ahead of Kobayashi seemingly just because the Nathan's result. But now I'm OK with it because now I think Kobayashi is punk-assedly making excuses for not being as good as Joey and Pat are now. Neil Young sung it's better to burn out than fade away. I guess Kobayashi is fading away instead of burning out. Sayonara.

Back to the rankings. Rios and Goldstein traded places (so did Richard Foley and Sean Verma - all together now: WHO?). Boone & Chi dropped off. Sciullo enters ahead of Bubba. And, Lipsitz is ranked again AFTER HIS "RETIREMENT" at #48. The IFOCE seems to pull some interesting moves (to say the least) and that one ranks right up there.

That's all.


Blogger Wild Bill said...

Don't ya think Nathan Biller should be a little higher as well? Frank Wach hasn't competed this year, David Cohn and Jesus Cabrales have no records at all in the EatFeats database... Pat Bruss hasn't shown up since August. Bubba competed twice this year.
Shouldn't David Goldstein be in there as well?
I know... blah, blah, blah....

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Who are Cohn and Cabrales? If they're going to rank someone, shouldn't the IFOCE at least TRY to compile a bio on each ranked eater? A few sentences at least. SOMETHING?


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