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T-munny and I went to another spot on our tour of eateries in the greater Canon City/Florence/Wetmore metropolitan area. This time:

Alfonso's Real Mexican Food, in the Conoco.

You might remember we went to Mr. Ortegalini's a little while back. That place is in a neat building but the food sucked. Alfonso's is in a many-people-would-think-crappy building but the food is bananas. Bananas is good.

You walk into the Conoco and turn toward Alfonso's counter. Think of any Mexican food item. It will be on the menu.

The fonts size on the right side of the menu make reading some things difficult, but on the left side are photos of the combinacions so if you want to can find a photo that looks good and go for that.

I had the carnitas combination.

Tortillas, killer. Rice, killer. Pico, killer. Beans, killer. Green sauce (in the mustard bottle), killer. Red sauce (in the ketchup bottle), killer. Carnitas, absolutely killer. The only non-killer thing was the guacamole. I would not eat guac anyway so no big deal but it looked pretty unappetizing - see that green loose-bowel-movement blob under the beans?

T went for the chcken enchilada combo.

The tortillas were YOOGE!

Break the tortilla in quarters and stuff it full of:

The carnita meat was unbelievable.

Alfonso's was unexpectedly good. We'll be going back there again and again. Burritos are around $3 or $4 or so but they have a $9 grande. I'll find out what that's all about. But without that guacamole! (And sour cream


Anonymous erbivore said...

First mayo, now sour cream and guacamole? I thought I knew you. What happened to the man I met?

Blogger Mega Munch said...

No sour cream? The rest of that looks good though.

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