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A buddy of mine, El Toro, is well-known by anyone involved, even tangentially, with the International Federation of Competitive Eating. But many of you readers might not know that El Toro harbors an old chronic pain. His training has resulted in wild fluctuations in his weight and stomach size. What this has done is to result in chronic pain in the abdominal region due to the stretching in both ways. It is unfortunate but that is one of the things that can happen in this line. He used to believe there was no fix for his ailment. But he has good things to say about Freeze It.
(That's Toro on the right)

Freeze It is available in a 3 ounce roll on or it is available in a 4 ounce tube of gel that you rub on the area. Toro has discovered that no other solution is as effective as Freeze It. What he would give to win a supply of the gel! All he does is rub it into his abdominal area before his training begins and he is good to go. He is amazed and wants to let everyone know how great the product is.

If you to their website you can read about Freeze It Gel and read the testimonials of actual people who use Freeze It and how much good it has done for them. If you work out like I do then sore muscles are very common. Freeze It can help! Arthritis is all too common as well. Why not try Freeze It? Of course you might not experience the same reactions as some of the testimonial people but you should at least try it. Me, for example, I get some neck pain every now from the workouts. Freeze It can handle it!

Take a look at their TV commercial and then be sure to go to their website to find out what Freeze It can do for you.


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