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Dr. Big Deal

Just keeding, Doc. But seriously, that lighting was ideal:

You've done this before: your arms are perfectly positioned. Great even skin tone. Doing that on national TV (well, "national" is stretching since it was Spike.. Am I right? Am I right, people..) takes some balls. I'm pretty much pasty white from the neck down, and I'm a hairy monkey. But what are you covering up? Dr. Flabby McFlab?

I challenge you, Dr. Juris Shibayama (if that's your name), to a body fat % throwdown. The winner will have bragging rights as the (unofficial) most fit eater in the IFOCE. A few months ago I thought I was, but seeing Wedges & Wings...If anybody else wants in, that's fine.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Dude, your site is officially NSFW. I opened this up and was immediately paranoid that a co-worker would see it and think I was looking as some kind of "alternative" website.

Regardless, give me four weeks and I'll take your body fat percentage bet.

Anonymous Dr. Bigtime said...

For Wings & Wedges, it was about 6%. I usually carry 6-8%. When I used to compete in bodybuilding, I got down to 3%. If you kept watching the show, about 3 seconds after I did a front double bi, I lifted my shirt up and pounded on my abs. I'm not hiding anything. See eatfeats.com comment for futher details.


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