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Krystal Square Off IV

I have uploaded the full 8-minute Krystal Hamburger Eating Championship. The two biggest stories are Humble Bob, and Liz. I don't know the full results yet but it appears as if Tim's decision to eat the 10lb of ramen noodles yesterday hurt his Krystal final...but a very smart move as far as winning a title and winning whatever he won for it (maybe a Wii?).

Billy, if 103 Krystal's isn't a supersizedmeal, what is?!?

Update - Tim downed 74. Very good decision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think the krystal people would use her again, She screwed up big time with the totals.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

horrible video quality. Get yourself a video capture device you dick

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Thanks for the video, dick. Posted on MM with some commentary. Love X's technique. Clean and methodic.

Anonymous liz said...

Who me? What did I screw up?

Thanks for calling me a big story, SB :-)


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