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Did I ever tell you about the time a few months ago when I was up on stage in an International Federation of Competitive Eating competition in Reno. The food was ribs. Spare ribs. You must love ribs! Anyway, so there I was eating away and before I knew what was happening one of my fillings fell out. And it hurt like a bitch! And what is even worse is that it hurt so badly that I had to stop eating because the rib meat on the exposed root hurt big time! It might be the worst pain ever. It was pretty embarrassing too to have to stop.

Man, if I only had heard of Dentemp OS then. It is the best temporary dental repair tools out there. One hour with Dentemp and you are set! Dentemp could not be easier to use. All you do is simply open the vial that it comes in, mix it around a bit, and it is ready to use. It sets very quickly too – in 30 minutes it is safe to eat. Why suffer through the pain if you do not need to. Go with Dentemp and you will not have to suffer the pain and embarrassment like I did in Reno.


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