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Dinner was killer. Check it:

City Market had a sale on ground beef in the one pound chubs. 91/9. Very good stuff at a very good price. Got the beef, and some bacon. Fired up the Foreman Grill. If you haven't made up bacon on it, do it. Munch, that means you.

Before balling the patties for grilling, I kneaded INTO the ground beef an unbelievable combination - maybe the best I've had. Seasoning INSIDE the patty, not just on top of the patty. Simple in concept, and simple in ingredients.

Mrs. Dash Italian Blend, Kraft Parmesan Cheese, Lawry's Seasoned Salt. 91/9. Bacon. Delicious.


Anonymous erbivore said...

I have to agree with you, the Foreman is the ONLY way to cook bacon.

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Funny that we post about our homemade burger on almost the same day.

I don't have a Foreman. Suddenly I feel like less of a man. Damn. Good looking burger though. The parm inside is an interesting idea.


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