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Mix It Up

It is just about the holiday season and that means pretty much one thing: cookies! If not exactly cookies then it certainly means a lot of people baking a lot of goodies. Around the holidays it is prime for me because I love to bake. I love to bake cookies. I love to bake cookies that others really cannot get enough of.

The exact recipe is a closely held family secret but I can say this much: a mixer makes the preparation SOOOO much easier. If you have made cookie dough then you realize how thick it can get and how hard it is to stir and blend really well. But with a mixer you have none of that! And if you had a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer then all you have to do is throw the ingredients in the bowl, put on the right attachment for what you are doing, turn on the mixer, and away it goes. It does all the tough work for you. I know that would be great in my case.

If you know anything about mixers then you know how good of a name a Hamilton Beach® Mixer is. These mixers are so durable. They are tough and can last forever! So if you are interested in making your life easier then check out what a Hamilton Beach® Mixer (and their super new Eclectrics® Mixer) can do for you.


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