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Another 2-for-1 coupon! This time: Burger King. The Angus Beef Burger

Jeez, I don't know when the last time was when I went in a Burger King. Well, I went in one a few months ago to take a dump. But eat, who knows.

Let's get started:

I took them both out of their wrappers. One, to inspect each one to make sure the nasty-ass mayo is not on them (it was on both). Two, to see what the Angus Burger is.

Bun, meat, onion, lettuce, tomato, some type of BBQ sauce, mayo (damn), bun. No problem with the mayo - it's only on that top bun so it is easy enough to scrape off. To minimize the mayo exposure I decide to throw out one mayo-defiled top bun and one semi-soggy bottom bun. Put the remaining insides on top of the other insides. Double Angus.

So it is built. It looks good, actually.

And it doesn't taste all that bad. The freshly toasted corn-dusted bun compressed and broke apart right away but it was tasty. The onions were very mild, but provided a refreshing crunch that the wilty lettuce did not provide. Each meat patty, 100% Angus char-broiled beef, was maybe 1/4 lb or so. Other than for the flat top and bottom of each patty, they looked and tasted like something you might make at home.

When I got done, I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite tasty. I won't make a habit of going to Burger King, but it was good to try once. If I had one idea to better this burger, add bacon! (When I got home to calculate the nutri-numbers, I discovered BK offers an Angus Bacon & Cheese Burger).

Many people, and me too, look upon eating these fast-food burgers with derision. But actually BK burgers aren't that bad themselves. Hold the mayo - and any other crappy condiments - and hold the cheese. You're set. And you can enjoy the flavors of the meat, onions, and whatever else.



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Damn, that's a good looking burger.


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