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Review: Biotene Kicks Ass!

If you have sensitive teeth like I do then you just have to try this stuff from Biotene. You all know about my sensitive stomach, and I am dealing with that, but you might not know about my teeth and that for a while now I have been searching for a good sensitive toothpaste to use. Biotene might be it.

At the Krystal’s event in October the teeth were really acting up. The burgers were not too hot, but they were just a little over a tolerable temperature. So eating them killed. But when I got back to the hotel I brushed with this Biotene. Then later I had fresh, hot Krystal’s and it was not a problem at all. Amazing! Biotene rocks!

The thing that is really cool is that Biotene does not just make the problem like the competitors but rather it solves it. And fast, too! It is really amazing to me how fast it works. Your experience might not be the same as mine but I think you should try it if you need something like it. Before you do try it definitely check out their site to read all the information.

Here is the tube of Biotene next to my toothbrush. I cannot get enough of this stuff!


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