A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Gordos Locos y Gordas Locas

At the beginning:


Between that, here's what happened:

Gordo Loco has been open for a few weeks but they had the "Grande Opening" and part of that was a burrito eating contest. On their menu is the 5 pound El Diablo burrito. Some carnitas, chicken, green chile. And 2 pounds of fries. In the burrito. And it is smothered.

The ingredients in the burrito are quite wet so the El Diablo is more flat and spready than burrito form.

The Mejia campaign (a guy running for mayor) was represented.

There were 14 competitors. It was broken in 3 waves, each wave overlapped the other wave. Everyone in the 1st wave used knives and forks. I was in the 2nd wave. You know how I eat. I went to town with it. The crowd gasped. People, this is an eating contest, not a beauty contest.

The 1st wave. The girl at the bottom of the photo had her baby along side. She started well but gave up.

The campaign girl

The guy next to me - he in wave #1 - was methodical, but gave up too.

Out of 14 eaters, 5 finished the burrito.

1st: Jimmy Mares, 13 minutes
2nd: Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane, 19 minutes
3rd: Rick Gavin, 40 minutes
4th: Jon Adelia, 44 minutes
5th: Mark Sutherberg, 44 minutes


Sushi Wave

My photo didn't come out too well, but the all-you-can-eat at Sushi Wave is very good in taste and also very good in deal. I had it for lunch. $20 for ayce, drink, and tip.

This is the sheet for the ayce. You can pick what you want.

Here's the full prices. They do not skimp on the ayce. But there are a few things. One being you must eat everything you order or they will charge you full price for unfinished items. But that should not be a problem. It's good. Really good.

Balls balls balls

First weekend in March? Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days. A dude's frozen in a shed. Look it up.

First Sunday in March? Lots of testicles to eat. For the 3rd year, I head up to the rocky mountain oyster eating contest. 2nd the first time in 2009, 2nd in 2010, and 2011?

The venue: First Street Pub & Grill

Good turnout again

The contest featured a couple prelim rounds from which the top 2 in each heat move on to the finals. Since I began eating, I've known that I really do not like the first-to-finish format. If we had bigger plates of balls maybe I'd like the format, but when we have 1-pound plates the heat lasts a minute or two. That's not my strength.

My preliminary round plate

I watched the 1st heat. Seven people. I couldn't see the guy who won it, but he pounded his balls very quickly. The 2nd in the heat was a female. My heat, 6 people. A big mountain of a man - a motherf-ing Ben Monson look-alike and MMA fighter - won it. I got 2nd. Him and the dude from the 1st heat would be tough to beat.

The winner from last year was in my heat. I did defeat him this time.

Finals: MMA guy, stoner guy from heat 1, Marlowe, me. MMA finished in maybe a minute, stoner guy was maybe 1:15, and Marlowe and I finished at the same time - very exciting for her and her kids! Awesome! Made me happy that she got 3rd and seeing her kids react to it!

After the eating, the eating. Ripple Frozen Yogurt in Boulder. It's Yogurtland with more toppings to choose. But their Passion Fruit is yummy.