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It's Coming...

Nathan's Circuit Cities Announced

Host cities for of the 2006 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Circuit have been determined. As in years past, each host city will send one champion to compete in Coney Island at the Annual Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, which will appear live on ESPN on July 4, 2006.

The circuit will begin in mid-April, with the bulk of the events occurring in June. Dates have yet to be announced, but information will soon be available on this site and at www.nathansfamous.com. Hopeful participants should not pick up their telephones as all registration will be handled via the Internet.

In addition to traditional stops such as Las Vegas and Philadelphia, the 2006 circuit will visit new cities including Bloomington, MN and Sunrise, FL. For the second year in a row, qualifiers will occur in San Francisco and at Shea Stadium in Queens, NY.

In 2005, rookie Joey Chestnut competed in the Bay Area, securing a berth in the Nathan’s Championship where he stunned fans worldwide by eating 32 HDBs and placing third behind Sonya Thomas and Kobayashi.

Nathan’s Famous 2006 Circuit cities: Sunrise, Fl; Las Vegas, NV; East Hartford, CT; Philadelphia, PA; Tempe, AZ; Norfolk, VA; Bloomington, MN; Queens, NY; Cranbury, NJ; San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA, and Islip, NY.

The Nathan’s Famous International Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Championship has been held each year on July 4 since 1916, according to archives. For the past five years, Takeru Kobayashi of Japan has won the Fourth of July contest. Kobayashi holds the world record with 53 and ½ Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes.


Today's Meal!

A very good session, indeed! Here's what it looked like:

It consists of (by weight) -
.. 28.1 ounces of Banana Cream pudding
.. 63.5 ounces of penne - al dente
.. 25.4 ounces of water

For anyone who is conversionally-challenged, there are 16 ounces in one pound. 1 pound 12.1 ounces of pudding. 3 pounds 15.5 ounces of cooked pasta (half an ounce shy of 4 pounds. Pre-cooked the weight of the pasta was 2 pounds). 1 pound 9.4 ounces of water. The penne is in 3 bowls - #1 has a little over a pound, #2 also has a little over a pound, and #3 has the rest - just under 2 pounds.

Before beginning, I weigh-in:

So there's nothing else to do but begin -

I get through the first bowl of penne. Move on to the second. About half way through my pace slows. Not a big deal as this session is more about capacity than time. Here I am just about done with the third BONUS bowl of penne -

Penne is finished. On to dessert, the PUDDING!

At the start the pudding is FANTASTIC! After the penne the coolness of the pudding is quite refreshing. And as an added bonus the consistency of the pudding requires no chewing - my jaw is quite appreciative of the break!

Finished. Penne, done. Pudding, done. Water, done.

After eating, the weigh-in -

Immediately after finishing, I would definitely say that I would not have wanted to eat anything else. Heck, as I write this it's 7 hours after I finished and I still would not want to eat anything else!

Tomorrow I hope to get in a workout before going to a dim sum place. More on that later!



8 Again!

Tonight: 8 hot dogs and buns. Timed. Began with a really good pace - after 2 minutes I had put away 4+. Due to a couple of factors, my pace slowed and at the finish the time was 6 minutes, 10 seconds for 8 HDBs. Capacity for more. I have to study the tape to get more insight.

Here are two pics of the dog pile -

This time I used Nathan's Skinless Beef Franks. Not bigger than the bun like last time but the girth of these was more substantial. The numbers were similar to the last 8:

Each Nathan's Skinless Beef Frank -
170 calories (140 from fat)
15g fat (6g saturated)
35mg cholesterol
470mg sodium
2% vitamin A

Each Market Pantry (Target) Hot Dog Bun -
110 calories
2g fat
170mg sodium



The eating tonight was penne. I began with 1.5 pounds of uncooked noodles.

When cooked it was 3 pounds, 1.7 ounces.

For eating I put it in 3 big bowls. 1 pound of penne per bowl.

All set.

After eating.



Ate Eight



Tonight I had eight hot dogs & buns. I was not too concerned with the time -- I have not had to eat more than a couple at once so 8 is new. Just getting the feeling. Though speed wasn't that important I did eat them the way it's got to be done -- pick up the HDB, take the dog out, eat it, dip the bun, swallow, repeat + repeat etc. Overall it was a good session.

Here are the numbers broken down:

Each Nathan's Bigger-Than-The-Bun Skinless Beef Frank -
170 calories (140 from fat)
15g fat (6g saturated)
35mg cholesterol
470mg sodium
2% vitamin A

Each Safeway Hot Dog Bun -
100 calories
1.5g fat
170mg sodium

So works out to 2160 calories, 132g fat, 5120mg sodium.



This morning - 143.5 on 2 of 3.

Qualifying will be really really tough. I am thinking about likely totals. More later, but Game On!