A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Rock Those Tots

Rock the Tot at Bar Louie - a second chance this week to grab a 3-peat.

The rules. They did not have printed rules in years before.

Competitors to my right


Competitors to my left. The guy in the tank top is the defending champion. Last year he pulled over 3 pounds. He ended up this year around 2 pounds.

At the ready

More ready

With all the competitors space was tight. Each competitor had 3 stacked baskets in front of them. The tots in basket #1 were tot form, but baskets #2 and #3 where completely oily mush. I have to work on my scoopaging.

Just before the go

I started out one tot at a time alternating right, left, right, left, right. Then sip, munch, clear, and do it again. That worked well for basket #1, but did not work too well with the mush in baskets #2 and #3. But I continued.

Right after the stop

Pretty clean

They weighed something

Results announced after a long wait.

1st - Ben Fettis, 3.1 pounds
2nd - Me, 2 pounds 14 ounces

2nd again! I pulled the second 3-peat in the week! 3-peat?!? Yep, 2nd in 2009, 2nd in 2010, and now 2nd in 2011!

I chose to go to the Bar Louie in Centennial instead of going to the Denver Bar Louie as I had in 2009 and 2010. Oops. Bad choice.

Mezcal Tacos #3

The Taco Eating Contest at Mezcal was the first contest of the week. I had won the first two taco contests at Mezcal. Can I defend again and make it 3 in a row?

No T-bonz, but my spiritual advisor Guapo Ribinowitz was there to substitute-coach, captain my security detail, and rock the camera.

There were 4 women in the contest

More competitors. 19 in all.

Everyone got a plate of 20 street tacos for round #1. We had 15 minutes to eat them. Tacos were 1 4" soft corn tortilla, chicken, cabbage, and a sauce.

Me and the dude 2nd from the right in the photo were the only two people to finish the 20. We barely finished. Three others were moved on to round #2 so there would be more competing.

The executive chef in the blue shirt, Robert Martinez.

Round #1 goes on

Waiting for round #2 to begin

Round #2. I ate 7 more. Chris, he 2nd place, ate 4.

Round #2 action

After round #2 ends.

Me with the trophy. Me with the 3-peat!

The mess after the madness

1st - Me, 27
2nd - Chris Septoff, 24
3rd - Raul Palomo, 23

So I got the 3-peat at Mezcal. Tots next.


That's One Big Weiner

The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile stopped at a Walmart nearby. I had to go...

There it is!

Wide load

Oscar Mayer!

It's been around for a while

Ride in luxury!

Who doesn't want to see it?

Big weiner


The cockpit