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Mezcal Tacos #3

The Taco Eating Contest at Mezcal was the first contest of the week. I had won the first two taco contests at Mezcal. Can I defend again and make it 3 in a row?

No T-bonz, but my spiritual advisor Guapo Ribinowitz was there to substitute-coach, captain my security detail, and rock the camera.

There were 4 women in the contest

More competitors. 19 in all.

Everyone got a plate of 20 street tacos for round #1. We had 15 minutes to eat them. Tacos were 1 4" soft corn tortilla, chicken, cabbage, and a sauce.

Me and the dude 2nd from the right in the photo were the only two people to finish the 20. We barely finished. Three others were moved on to round #2 so there would be more competing.

The executive chef in the blue shirt, Robert Martinez.

Round #1 goes on

Waiting for round #2 to begin

Round #2. I ate 7 more. Chris, he 2nd place, ate 4.

Round #2 action

After round #2 ends.

Me with the trophy. Me with the 3-peat!

The mess after the madness

1st - Me, 27
2nd - Chris Septoff, 24
3rd - Raul Palomo, 23

So I got the 3-peat at Mezcal. Tots next.



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