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Some Dude Eats It

Check out this video of some guy eating it big time at A-Basin. I don't know when it was taken or by whom but it is pretty good! If you have not gone to A-Basin, go there!

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Hello Africa & Antarctica?

This is cool:

I can't believe I didn't notice this before. One of the visitation views that my stat counter provides is last 200 visitors by world map. As you can see I have not yet penetrated the African continent or Antarctica. Anyone have any ideas about how I can do that?

Change the IFOCE Contract?

Mega Munch commented on my post about the IFOCE saying in part:
Why don't the eaters come together and lobby the IFOCE to change the non-compete rule? Start an online petition. Something!

I'd be all for that but I do not think it would go anywhere because 1) not enough eaters have the cojones to step up, 2) eaters with anything substantive to gain and darlings of the IFOCE (see Joey, Pat, Tim, etc) would not speak up, and 3) without #2 then I doubt ANY number of signatures from the little people would result in any action from the IFOCE regarding changes to the contract. It's their baby so they will do what they want.

About #1, Rhonda Evans posted a great comment on eatfeats, saying:
To be honest, I expect few (IFOCE) eater attitudes to change, and I think it’s due to what I call the prestige factor, based on two premises:

1. Being associated with those two or three world class eaters that a minute percentage of the population DOES ever so remotely associate with. (”He’s on the Wall of Fame!)

2. Having (or living with the dream of having) one’s face planted on national TV every so often. Let’s face it, such opportunities are few and far between with the AICE. Case in point: outside of Japan, Eatfeats, and the AICE site / participants, has anyone seen, heard about, or know about the US versus Japan world eating championship matches that just occurred?

There you have it.

Yes, indeed, there you have it.

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CROX and More

As I'm sure you're aware (quite painfully I bet) the market has been going all over the place. Yeah yeah, long term the market is good to be in. But short term, now, OUCH! Since the beginning of the year - though I have no hard numbers - our portfolio is down quite a bit. Sure it will go back up, but when?!? Will CROX get back to where it was? SBUX?

Plastic Surgery Soon?

Too bad I do not live in the Los Angeles area. If I did I would surely go to Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons and get something done. Their website lists the procedures they perform. There is even a photo gallery so you can see some before and after sets so you can judge how good of a job they really do. You can read up on the doctors, and that will totally set your mind at ease when you go in. The success of a plastic surgery is determined more by the patient than anything else, so the more you know is better for everyone involved. Check out the site and find a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon now!

They Might Be Alive

On the IFOCE website there is a new news story. A year in review for 2007. The date on it is 1/1/08. So yeah it is old news but it may show a sign of life at the IFOCE world headquarters. That is news in itself.

As the counter in the sidebar shows, it has been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since any contests have been announced. Almost 4 months! Eatfeats.com picked up on the counter, and there has been new talk about the situation (I guess you can call it that). The anonymous Rhonda Evans posted "her" thoughts, and I could not agree more.
It seems to me that since the Fed demands eater loyalty, and makes virtually no exceptions for eaters to eat at extra-IFOCE contests, they need to reciprocate just a bit and allow eaters to participate outside the currently dormant organization. (This probably doesn’t apply to Joey and Pat B., however, since they would have too much to lose.)

Perhaps an announcement would be appropriate to explain both the reason for the current state of things / lack of contests in the IFOCE, as well as future initiatives. I think your devoted eaters have a right to know IFOCE. I think the eaters’ fans would also like to know what’s cookin’.

I know I would.

Anyway, you’d better be careful, as it seems to me that timing is right for an new (professional) organization to emerge that REALLY takes CE as seriously as its participants and really cares about its members. MLE has the talent, but the organization is run by those who manage it foolishly. It’s time for a change.

I have never liked the clause in the contract saying that signed eaters can only take part in IFOCE-sponsored events. That seems stupid. What is so bad about letting me, or any other 20+ or 15+ or whatever eater eat in any contest they want? Not an AICE-sponsored event, I can sort of see why that would possibly be detrimental. If some dude beats a ranked eater in some local pie eating contest then he might check out the IFOCE website and maybe even sign up for a contest. He might tell his friends, and on it goes. Yes, getting the IFOCE name out there is bad. Superbad.

Rhonda is on the mark about an announcement. Rich, George, Kate, what is going on? Someone reads eatfeats.com so you know how many of the anonymouses (but they are loyal anonymouses I bet) feel, so spill it.

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Look at My Meat

I don't know what kind of cut it was, but man was it good. And lean too. Just over a pound before cooking. No bone -- all meat.

I cooked my meat on the Foreman, and it did a great job. Perfectly seared on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. And there was some prime lube in the meat lube tray. The cooked meat was an even 12 ounces.

The finished product, ready to go. Some chicken wings, and the meat. Note the nose in the lower right of the shot.

And here, it is gone. Man that was good.

I had not cooked a steak on the Foreman before. It came out perfectly. While an outdoor grill is always my first choice, I would put my meat on the Foreman any time.


New IFOCE Contest Posted!

Over in the sidebar on the right side is a ticker counting the days since the IFOCE last announced a contest open to anyone. According to the eatfeats.com archives, the last contest announcement by the IFOCE was the September 29th grits contest in Louisiana. A mention of this announcement was posted on eatfeats about Septemberr 11th at 8pm. So I'm using that date as the last time the IFOCE announced a contest that was open to anyone.


Some people have asked "Why Florence?". Well, duh:

Nah, there are many more things. I would have preferred Canon City, just a few miles up the road, but things being things it ended up being Florence. And that's all good!

Light It Up

Have you heard all the hype about landscape lighting? Like cars and so much other stuff today, landscape lighting is all about energy efficiency. LED lights are the next big thing! It was that only businesses and luxury homes even thought about landscape lighting. But now we all can. And why? LED lights. The new lights have brought the costs way down – so we can all enjoy the safety, crime deterrence, and flexibility in installation that LEDs provide. I think you should check out the site for so much more information. They will tell you what the whole deal is, and they will answer just about any question you might have. Great site. LEDs are great lights.

Eat Up!

Yikes! I've cultivated a few science projects in refrigerators before but not like this one. This is some pre-cut Canadian Bacon that I had in the fridge for a bit too long.

It's not that bad, you say. There's no green mold enveloping it like the McDonald's food at the end of Super Size Me. Just a few spots, no big deal.

The shot above kind of captures the 3-D relief of the growth on the left side. That's nasty. Kind of like the bacon grew a mole.

I scraped it off, and the meat below the mole doesn't look too bad considering what was growing.

I then cut the mole in half and it fell apart so that was that.

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Another CROX Update

Whoa. It sure is getting kind of bad! Sure, the bleeding will stop sometime but Crocs stock (CROX) sure has taken and keeps taking a beating. You know about the falling 1/2 in one day. It has gone up down up down since, but overall it sure is trending down. Keep watching and we will see how it goes.

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BK vs. BK

Uh, if you remember my post from a couple of days ago about the vending machine at work now having Burger King Ketchup and Fries flavored snacks, you will remember my reluctance to try these. Last night I did try them. Side by side with the actual Burger King fries with ketchup. Dave, you won't be needing me to mail you a bag of these snacks.

This photo shows how the BKKF (Burger King Ketchup and Fries flavored potatoe snacks) look compared to the BKFK (Burger King fries and ketchup).

Here's a close up of a BKKF and a BKFK. They were similar in one respect - all the flavoring seems to be in the toppings on each. Without ketchup the BKFK had no taste actually. And without the artifical red topping the BKKF wafer had no taste.

Part of the comparison was a smell test of each. As I said above, the BKFK alone had no taste. And no smell. The BKKF smelled like ass.

This was the only way to eat a BKKF. Top it with a BKFK. Who thought these were a good idea? OK, maybe an OK idea but who thought this final version was the one??

I'm looking for the new BK Flame-Broiled Burger chips. These offerings probably won't be on the market too long so I better hurry.


Hey 4 Eyes!

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So it is not like I'm panicking or anything but man, when are CROX or SBUX going to stop the bleeding? Both companies are not worthy of the slides they are on. Sure, CROX is a new stock from a new company but it has solid numbers and solid outlooks so what gives?!? And SBUX, come on need I say more?!?

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Snackin' With BK

This is the newest item in the vending machine at work. Burger King Ketchup & Fries flavored potatoe snacks. I have not tried them, and I don't know if I will. BK has also come out with Flame-Broiled Burger chips.

Review: Be A Nobody

I am sure you people know that the internet is far from anonymous. Everywhere you go and everything you do can be traced. As The Police sang, “every move you make, I’ll be watching you”. There is a popular forum for the competitive eating world, eatfeats.com. The moderator from time to time can verify or deny claims be anonymous posters. Why? Because nothing is anonymous. Even hackers can find out your IP and launch attacks against you. Scary. You can stop all that and be actually anonymous by going to http://www.hide-my-ip-address.com/. Go there now and find out how to do a lot of simple stuff including hide IP address and much more! Do it now!


There is really no accessible way of knowing what your body fat percentage really is. The measurement methods (say you take weight, height, abdomen, neck, etc) and calculate some formula are easy to do and not too far off. Using calipers to measure skinfolds at 5 or more spots can be more accurate but it depends heavily on the skill of the person doing the measurements. BIA can be more accurate yet, but there are many important factors that can skew the reading: eating, drinking and exercising can affect the results a lot. There are a couple techniques using x-rays. Very accurate but very expensive.

The next best way: hydrostatic weighing. I finally found, here in Denver, a company who does this. But they do not have openings until January.

Until then, you should try this US Navy method. Mine? 4.4 - a few points lower than I want, but a lean, mean, fighting machine!

Deja Vu All Over Again

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Alfonso's Otra Vez

We went to Alfonso's again. Yeah, yeah, we're still going to try each restaurant in the Canon City/Florence/Wetmore metroplex but we had to go back to Alfonso's..

I got the shredded beef burritos combo:

Shredded beef, green chile, green pepper:

You see my beef in the foreground and in the background is the chicken burrito combo T-Bonz got.

Here is my beef smothered in the red sauce. Alfonso's gives you a bottle of their red and a bottle of their green.



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UEPa Hits Cheeburger Cheeburger

With the Pennsylvania arm of the UEPa (United Eaters of Pennsylvania, duh!) visiting the Niner Diner, it was only natural that the UEPa-Colorado do something, right? With me in attendance there was a quorum. And a majority. Actually, with me present the entire membership of UEPa-Colorado was there. And T-Bonz, Mommye Tommye, Ricky Bobby Tommye, Rhonda Tommye, Chris Tommye...

Out east the UEPa was taking on 3lb burgers + 5lb fries. Nothing like that at Cheeburger Cheeburger (heretofore, CC). One pounder.

Before (1,2) the burger was not so dry. I ordered it Medium (CC's lightest setting). And the deep inside was perfect. The crusty outside shell wasn't so bad but the cow between that and the pink middle area was dry. Bone dry. T had me add ketchup, and that helped, but still.

In what was great timing, after that one the waitress brings out another pounder with every topping.

Except of course mayonnaise. And no guacamole. And no Grey Poupon. With jalapeno cheese.

I didn't see, hence forgot to hold, the Chopped Black Olives. Here I am picking them off the top. Later I would discover there were many more chopped black olives hidden UNDER the patty. Picked those off too. Bonz said "with all the other stuff you wouldn't have even known the olives were there". Yes I would have.

Below, it didn't take any time at all before the many juices were running down my hands. What was behind this poopy-colored discharge I do not know.

The photo fails to capture how bad this particular juice looked. And it tasted just as bad.

Above and below are inspired by the mixture of jalapeno peppers, horseradish, salsa, Tabasco, banana peppers, and the olive juice. At once it was both tangy and acidic, and also much more stomach-churning than I had thought.

At CC the drinks are in mason jars. I usually hate drinking from those jars but the lid lip provided a needed grip for my poopy-juice-and-stuff slimed hands. Drink? Water. Watch those calories.

And to show for it - a photo for my wall.

To have the first one and then the other one with all the toppings was my plan, and that I did. And I am glad I got the 2nd one with all the toppings. But I won't be getting that again. Actually it was quite disgusting. Five tops, maybe 10, sure. There are some interesting combinations possible. But 21 - no. Even with that, quite a successful meeting of UEPa-Colorado.

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What's Up?

This has been me.

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It's Here

2008 is here. I do not know what it holds for anyone, but I hope you make it a good one. Do what you want to do, and do not let anyone stop you. Keep following my stories and we'll see what goes where this year.