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Finally! I try the Cantina Steak Burrito at Taco Bell. It's about time!

Starting with the weight, 15.2 ounces. Pretty good heft for an item from Taco Bell.

Looks good!

The first bite is really good. Nice warm tortilla, bit of rice, black beans, and the steak. Actually it reminds me of Qdoba or Chipotle. From Taco Bell! The "creamy cilantro dressing" is not big hit with me. Tastes like runny guacamole or something. Next time, hold that please.

This is about half way through. Still tastes good. The lettuce is really crisp.

Last few bites. There was good guacamole coverage throughout the consumption of the burrito but as you can see toward the bottom there is a big dollop of guacamole.

Overall, it was pretty good! As we don't have Qdoba or Chipotle here this, surprisingly, is a worthy substitute. It costs $6.89 here, but that's to be expected. If Qdoba or Chipotle ever open here there cost would probably be about $9 so this item being $6.89 is fair.

I thought paying over $5.00 for a Taco Bell item was crazy nutz, but for this Cantina Steak Burrito it's not so crazy.