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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Hot Dogs. A Gate. Rape.

T-Mun and I went to the Big House this weekend. Who knew, but there is a Heaven. It is in Florence.

On the menu were five or six all-beef tube steaks. I went for the Wine & Garlic dog.

Loaded with a delicious dose of sauteed onions and peppers. Topped with plain yellow mustard and dill relish.

The bun was nice and soft. Topped with sesame seeds.

Our focus, besides trying the 6Mbps cable internet, was to build the gate. Here's the opening before:

And after:

Took me longer than I thought it would to build it, but it turned out really well. T went to Florence tonight, and evidently there has been some settling of the gate and whatnot. I will check it out this weekend.

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Cellfish Rocks!

A while ago I talked about Cellfish. They are a really cool company that has a terrific site for getting neat stuff for you phone. You really should stop on their site and see what it is and how cool it is. Join! Free Ringtones! Their site is nice. Great features too! They have a really convenient feature that allows you to change your Cellfish locker’s email and text message notification settings by clicking the “My Account” link. You can find the link on any page. Then all you do is click “Messages/Alerts”” and set it up. Their locker feature makes it so very easy to enable the audience to download your stuff to their own phone. Cellfish is quite cool and you really should check it out! We all have our phones that we cannot live without so you should join Cellfish and have fun with your phone. And best of all is that it won’t cost you too much to try it all out! So have a look and let me know how much fun you are having and how quick and easy it is to make your phones yours. Check out the embedded video and find out on their site how you can grab this in a few easy steps.

These Kitchen Cabinets?

T and I are doing some fix ups in the Big House and one of them may be new cabinets in the kitchen. There are not many cabinets in there (not a lot of room!) so that opens up more options. We would take a look at aluminum cabinets! They would look great and be very durable – never rust! I'd leave them aluminum silver. Durable is key for in the kitchen. Let me see...

Updated Fantasy Numbers

I last took a look at this a couple months ago. Same deal, this is a breakdown that shows what each person has done relative to their team point total. Columns are Name, Their point total, The percentage of points to the team total

Axis of Eaters
Hall Hunt 46 8.39
Joey Chestnut 292 53.24
Crazy Legs 83.5 15.22
Pat Philbin 23 4.19
Joe LaRue 14 2.55
Larry McNeil 7 1.28
Tim Brown 47 8.57
Paul Barlow 7 1.28
Brickhouse Braunstein 19 3.46
Kevin Lipsitz 0 0.00
Nathan Biller 10 1.82
TEAM TOTAL 548.5 100.00

Manitoba Meatsweats
Steakbellie 39 8.92
Timothy Janus 137 31.35
Bob Shoudt 85 19.45
Seaver Miller 4 0.92
Micah Collins 34 7.78
Yellowcake Subich 21 4.81
William Myers 36 8.24
Andrew "Skinnyboy" Lane 36 8.24
Russ Keeler 23 5.26
Pete Davekos 15 3.43
Brian Seiken 7 1.60
TEAM TOTAL 437 100.00

Hungry Hooligans
Mega Munch 2 0.54
Patrick Bertoletti 200 53.62
Chip Simpson 71 19.03
Arturo Rios, Jr. 57 15.28
Frank Wach 0 0.00
Brad Sciullo 0 0.00
Chris Abatsas 11 2.95
Jim Reeves 5 1.34
El Toro Jimenez -7 -1.88
Kevin Carr 3 0.80
Kevin Ross 31 8.31
TEAM TOTAL 373 100.00

Gorgeous Guzzlers
Justin Mih 37 13.12
Sonya Thomas 112 39.72
Juliet Lee 52 18.44
Dale Boone 19 6.74
Loren Yarbrough 8 2.84
Allen Goldstein 16 5.67
Mongo Federighi 0 0.00
Don Lerman 0 0.00
Paul Sakelarides 10 3.55
Pete Miernicki 28 9.93
Donovan Busta 0 0.00
TEAM TOTAL 282 100.00

Erik the Red 71.5 26.63
Kobayashi 36 13.41
Rich LeFevre 61 22.72
Russell Witzke 0 0.00
Jed Donahue 2 0.74
Jason Erb 41 15.27
Marco Marquez 26 9.68
Juris Shibiyama 10 3.72
Darryl Newman 0 0.00
Pat Bruss 11 4.10
Badlands Booker 10 3.72
TEAM TOTAL 268.5 100.00

The thing I notice right away is that your Manitoba Meatsweats, though not in first place, are perhaps the most well-rounded team with each of its members having scored points. Even Seaver who has been MIA since January scored some points. Where is Seaver? Fighting fires? Saving lives? Those are pretty lame excuses. Does he think someone will actually buy that? Puh-leaze. Seaver, even Davekos has moved his schedule around and re-scheduled his mani/pedi appointments to make it to the table. I'll see you in hell, Mr. Miller.

Review: Blog Directory

Alive Blog Directory has come up with a great idea! There is no mystery as to where your site will show up. The more you pay the better your position in their blog directory. They offer standard or featured listings on annual and permanent plans. You say “no way, people pay for that?!” Yes they do, and for very good reason. They want their site first. That leads to traffic. And that leads to more whatever – sales, hits, views. If you want the same, check Alive Blog Directory!

PB&J Picture

At Knott's, like most amusement parks, there are some roving photographers who take pictures and you can view the photos and maybe, just maybe, buy into their scam. Erbivore suckered up and paid $14 for an 8x6, but the photo actually isn't bad. He said there were quite a few other ones from the contest. Too bad I didn't at least take a look.

"Nothing like a bunch of grown men posing in purple shirts at an amusement park." - Erb

Score Adds Up

Be amazed! The very same day we switched from Sylvan Learning Centers to Score! we saw dramatic and immediate progress with our boy Bobby. When kids love to learn, they will learn. At Sylvan, it is so much more of a "mill" feeling than at Score! And Score! has everything covered: Math Tutors, Reading Tutors, Writing Tutors, and much more. We do not worry about his learning as we worried in the past. Bobby is flourishing at Score with his mom in Texas so that is all that matters!

No matter what the subject matter, Score can handle it and get your kid learning too! They have the normal subjects you would expect. But they also offer study skills courses. It sometimes is how your child is studying. So I urge you to see what Score can do for you and your kids!


This is too funny ... I was yanking up my pants after taking a dump at work just now. I hear another plop.

I say to myself "But I'm done, what the heck was that?"

I look down and behind me. There is the murkiness is.. my.. wallet. Floating on top. And the toilet is one of the auto-flush types. And it's beginning to flush. Without much time to think about what to do - actually that is probably a good thing in this case - I fish it out.

I pull everything out of the wallet - card, license, cash (luckily I have a policy of carrying only a little cash money). Dry each off - the contents didn't get too wet or anything.

Right now the wallet is wrapped in one of those toilet seat liners. So those things actually DO have a purpose.

Fake Rocks

At the Big House we have recently built the fence in the back and side yards. For the dogs, naturally. But now T and I have to think about what we are going to do to make this new space look good. One answer is put in some landscaping and rocks. But real rocks are pretty heavy. But real rocks look so good. Now we can have it both ways! Artificial Rocks Factory is in the business of making rocks. Artificial. They take molds of 800 to 1000 pound boulders. Then they create cast stone fake rocks. They do not use fiberglass or polyurethane. They use actual rock and it is construction grade. They make 20 models about one inch thick, hollow, and open at the bottom. That is really cool! You can get them in three colors. Once you buy some rocks, they ship via FedEx Ground. So you can go on the site, decide what you want, and have them at your door in no time. But when you go on the site and view the samples be aware that the finished products are all hand crafted so the final product you receive will probably not look exactly like the pictures on the site. But the rocks look great and the site does a great job showing you what you will get. So have a look.

Krystal Square Off IV

As many of us know the schedule for the fourth Krystal Square Off has been announced.

I am thinking about participating but I am not signing up on the IFOCE page so I can skip the 2-minute qualifiers and go directly to the local finals.

I think that is lame to do that. I can see why they allow that option, but I think the only people who should go straight to the local finals are, I don't know, maybe top-10-ranked eaters, eaters who ate 20 or 25 or 30 last year, I don't know what criteria but you know what I mean.

I think that if there is a qualifying table before a final table then most everybody should qualify for the finals. Like Nathan's. Everyone has to qualify. I would not want to be at a final table unless I "proved" I should be there (if there are qualifiers).

I believe Bob, Hall, and Arturo went the 2-minute qualifier route last year. Hopefully more IFOCE eaters will do that this year.

Review: warehouseskateboards.com

If you are as mad into skateboards like I am then you might already know about warehouseskaeboards.com and maybe you have even bought something from the site. Their gear is so rad, and they have everything a skater needs to have to make it happen. Decks, trucks, wheels, longboards – they have it all! Even pads! And they have a super selection of sale items. You have got to check it out. They also have some great surf gear that a real skater should have. So be smart and check out the site because you might find some stuff you just must have! Have fun and good luck!

Pat Bertoletti & Janus

(With thanks to Hall Hunt for the title)

Just two quick things before the photos. I dig public transportation, you might know that. So this slogan to me is quite witty:

Express bus. They have fewer stops than normal routes. "We pulled out all the stops". Smart!

And, the stations have different art. At one, the tile floor had interspersed "___ American" tiles:

Here is a slideshow of some photos:

This was harsh. It was quite hot and the sun was baking. Big crowd. Mike did his thing, super as always. He got the crowd into the whole scene early on, but they didn't maintain that energy all the way through. I don't know what it was. Kind of like they were in shock seeing some dude eat 40+ peanut butter sandwiches in 10 minutes. Or watching two guys throw up (the other guy was some TV host from Belgium). Whatever.

The sandwiches. The peanut butter was good. The jelly was good. Knott's Farm Boysenberry Preserves. The bread, white. The sandwiches were left out and got a little stale and crispy. That may have slowed everyone down a bit. Too bad because Mr. Bertoletti would have gone to town on soft bread. I had eaten two sandwiches at home on fresh, soft bread. Those were fast.

I did not bring any cups so I used the ones they provided. They were tall, but not wide enough to get your fist in. These were as tall as Nathan's cups but not as wide.

In the end, the results:

1. Pat, 42
2. Tim, 37.5
3. Rich, 34
4. Erik, 20

1-4 are as posted on IFOCE.com. Then what I got:

5. K-Ross, 16
6. Shawn Kirby, 11
7. Erbivore, 10.5
7. Me, 10.5

The guy next to me ate 6. His buddy at 6 or 7. There were 15 eaters including 1 woman. Do not know how she did. Also something to note, no X - Tim, no X. Has that happened before?

I'll see what I have on video.

Help This Cause!

Do you want to do something good for the community? Here is a very good option. The Alzheimer's Association is holding its annual Memory Walk soon. The event is held each year since 1989. It is held in towns all over the nation and it has raised more than $225 million. Over the years funding has increased for research into the disease but the Association definitely needs all the money it can get to continue its great work. The Alzheimer's Association is trying to get Team Captains for each walk – and they want as many as they can get! Being a Team Captain is easy. You invite some people to join or sponsor, and they invite some people, and those people invite more, and so on! Once you sign up to be a Team Captain you can find all kinds of tools online to help recruit people, keep everything organized, and have fun! It might be the most fun ever! And even if being a Team Captain is not your thing, you can help out by joining event planning committees or by joining any number of event committees which are all dedicated to the Memory Walk effort. What a great way to do something good and feel great for it!

Quesadilla Grande

I have my "usual" at Taco Bell. But I tried the new Quesadilla Grande. Steak.

A regular quesadilla at Taco Bell is made in a normal-sized tortilla. The Grande is instead made using what is, for all intents and purposes, a big Gordita shell. The insides are more or less the same: cheese and meat (not really any more in the Grande than in the regular quesadilla).

There you can sort of see the gordita flat bread shell of the Grande. Overall, it's not bad but it's not anything to get excited about. With the Gordita you really didn't notice the doughy-ness because of the taste explosion of steak, tomato, lettuce and the Gordita sauce, but with the Grande the Gordita shell overpowers and dilutes the flavors of the steak and cheese. My one word review: "doughy".


Score Now!

Wow, the very same day we switched from Sylvan Learning Centers to Score! we saw dramatic, immediate and wonderful progress with our boy Bobby. When kids love to learn, they will learn. At Sylvan, it is so much more of a "mill" feeling than at Score! And Score! has everything covered: Math Tutors, Reading Tutors, Writing Tutors, and much more. We do not worry about his learning as we worried in the past. Bobby is flourishing at Score with his mom in Texas so that is all that matters!

No matter what the subject matter, Score can handle it and get your kid learning too! They have the normal subjects you would expect. But they also offer study skills courses. It sometimes is how your child is studying. So I urge you to see what Score can do!


Pat 43
Tim 37
Rich 34
Erik 30?
Erb 10.5
Me 10.5
KRoss 15.5
Toro dq
Shawn Kirby 10

These are the preliminary results. I will update them and correct them as necessary. The contest was fun, and there were some unexpected happenings. More on that later. Hang on, and I will be right back!

Free Ringtones!

As you guys know I do not spend a lot of money downloading stuff for my phone. I spend enough for the service, so forget extra stuff. Then I found a website where I can Download Ringtones for free. Yes, free. Have you ever heard of DJ Envy? Well he now produces a mix tape for Cellfish. DJ Envy is hot. He has his own radio show every week with some of the best mixes and newest songs out there. There are other things you can do besides Download Ringtones. You get a "locker" where you can upload your favorite pictures from your phone or the web. You can also upload video if you're into that kind of thing. You can use the "send to my phone" feature in the corner of the picture to upload someone else's picture to your phone. If I add you as one of my friends, you get alerted whenever I add a new content. Best of all, it's free. Yes there are some things that aren't free, but the majority of the features of the site are free. Some of the ringtones cost credits which range in price from $1.99 for 10 credits to $9.99 for 110 credits. You only pay for credits that you purchase. There’s no commitment or monthly renewing subscriptions. But like I said, you can get most of the content for free. There’s nothing better than free! Hey check out the picture that I added to my locker. Hubba Hubba!

Review: Best Pharmacy

The compareop.com is such a cool site! It is all about comparing online pharmacies so users can get the best deals on a variety of drugs. They really focus on the United State’s most popular weight loss medication – Phentermine pills. On the site you will find out why only a few select pharmacies can even carry the pills. Here is a hint: pharmaceutical affiliate networks. Along with answering that question the site has a whole lot more! There is a very thorough customer forum, online pharmacy news, and it details steps to help you choose the best online pharmacy. There is a lot more on the site. Check it out!

Check It: Radiux.com

A while ago I told you about radiux.com. It is a service by Colizer Inc which is basically the Ultimate Yellow Pages on the internet. They have gone to the Beta stage with their mega search which combines the most used search systems like Google and eBay. It’s one-stop shopping where you can get all the results easily and conveniently. Radiux also is great for local searches because it employs a cutting edge geo-ip model to increase the relevance. Colizer is in San Diego and they recently received some funding so they are more than prepared to make Radiux into something great. Take a look and see!

Pet Friendly?

We were in Home Depot in Canon City getting some stuff for the Big House and we saw some stuff there that we had not seen before in Home Depots. Pet stuff. Food. Toys. Leashes. That kind of stuff. Who knew! And at checkout T chatted with the clerk, and PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THE STORE! Is this a Canon thing? We would have known that if it was nationwide. I guess we have not asked if pets are allowed in Denver stores, but we kind of assumed the answer is no. Hmm...

Speed Update

I am now at he Big House and doing the speed test of the cable internet. It is coming out to around 1.6Mbps so far, but that may be due to the wireless router. I shall plug directly into the cable modem and see how that comes out. It probably will be faster. I hope it will be. I will keep you all updated.

Gastric Surgery

For anybody thinking about getting gastric surgery, take a look at Journey Lite. The company specializes in the LAP BAND procedure. The lapband procedure is popular these days. It reduces stomach capacity so people cannot eat too much. The surgery is minimally invasive so it’s quick and the recovery time is short. You really should check them out and get more information.

Need a Radiator?

If you are in need of a radiator, look no further than radiator.com for your needs. They have 80,000 parts in inventory in their 150 warehouses. Need an Accord Radiator? Honda is very popular make. No problem, they have it. Radiator.com offers a lifetime warranty on any part so you cannot go wrong! Not an expert? They have many informative articles. Need help? Through them you can find a certified inspection center. And there is no middleman, so prices are low. Maybe the lowest around! So check them out and see what they have to offer. You will be very glad you did.


Reviews I have read of Bresnan put the cable internet speed at 8Mbps. That would be something! In Aurora with Qwest DSL we are lucky to pull 1.5Mbps. So 8 will be unreal! I will do a speed test right away because I am totally curious as to what we will be getting. Right on I hope!


Good Food!

Since we have the appliances now, we won't be eating total crap when we go down to the Big House. Previously we have eaten at maybe The Bell, Sonic, Wendy's, it was usually not the best. But now we can buy good food and cook. It is almost an actual house what with appliances, cable, internet, and all!


Vacation Here

Lowery's has been in the Florida vacation property scene since 1947. That is a long time so you know they have the experience and you also know they have lots of satisfied customers. They are based in the UK but they have an office right in the heart of their rental area too. Their site pulls a lot of information together in one convenient spot. Whether you want an Orlando Villa, rental car, or tickets to attractions Lowery's has it. Their website show pictures and has info for each separate rental property. So if you want a PlayStation there, you can see if the unit has that.

That is detail. That is Lowery's!


Well, inquisitive as I am, I tried to find a number of how many days have been officially 90 degrees or greater. My initial searches did not give the number directly, but I will try more. It has got to be out there somewhere. I can always go back and count by looking at the monthly climate summaries but I want it easier than that.


Long Hot One

Man this has been one hot summer here. I do not know the official count of 90-degree-or-above days but it must be pretty high. There have been many, and quite a few mini streaks of 90+ days. And not that much moisture in the Denver metro area. I for one cannot wait for cooler nights, cooler days, and some snow!


Get It Done

The main focus for the Big House this time: the gate on the fence. Make it and get it up. And also fence-related is figuring out what to do with the bottom gap on the wire fence part. It is not a big gap, maybe grading to 6" at most. Just enough of a gap for doggies to try to escape. Honey definitely would. Max maybe or maybe not.


Orlando = Fun

Are you going to Orlando to get your fun fix? Orlando.com is your one-stop shop for any ticket you may need while you are in Orlando! Planning your getting to Orlando is not hard and planning your accommodations in Orlando is not difficult. Orlando.com knows cheap hotels orlando fl! And they also can set you up with airfare, car rentals, and more. The options for fun are practically endless! Disney – and all the theme parks. Golf. Lots more!. It is nuts! They can cut through all that and sell you what you really need. They can help with water parks, Universal Studios, and more. They have night fun covered too! Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, mini-golf, Sea World. And on and on and on! For the best discounts, think Orlando.com!

Will It Help?

Hey about the stock market, the Fed has taken a step to help: they have lowered the rate banks are charged to borrow funds from other banks. Or something. The way all the things interact is so strange. But we shall see what happens when the US stock market opens. Do not hold your breath!

Up Down

What has been going on with the stock market lately? One day it went down like 300 but gained almost all of that back before the close. It is down over 1000 points in the last week or so. That is crazy. What does it mean? When will it end? Where is Greenspan?

Check It: Russians!

There is a site on the web called Loversplanet.com that offers Russian dating services. You can browse profiles of beautiful Russian brides seeking men for online dating and marriage. According to Lovers Planet most of their female members are marriage-minded and wish to find someone for a serious, long-term relationship.

It is stated on the website that each year millions of men from US, Canada, Australia and other countries travel to Russia to meet, date and marry beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of Eastern Europe. Many couples have created successful families and raised wonderful kids. To find many beautiful russian girls and russian women dating visit www.loversplanet.com!

More Dick

So the big payoff on "Even Dick Don't Know Dick": there was a news clip from 1994 in which Dick was talking about the 1991 Gulf War and how it would have been a mistake to overthrow Saddam because of the chaos and quagmire that would ensue. Um.. isn’t that what the idiots did in 2003? Funny stuff to see..

What a Dick

On the Daily Show every now and then Jon has a bit called "You Don't Know Dick". As in Cheney. He has a question and some absurd answers. The correct answer is always the most crazy. Watch it if you have not. Last night there was a new bit called "Even Dick Don't Know Dick"...


The site I posted about earlier, shopforweddings.com, is a wedding superstore where you can go to buy any number of things. This site, weddingchannel.com, is a very good site you have to see to believe! They have a store too, but the real draw is the wealth of information you will find on the site. Probably the coolest feature is an online question and answer list that will clue you in on almost any topic that is on your mind. Nothing but great advice to help you make that special day all that you want it to be. See for yourself what the site can offer to make your wedding the best!

Locked Up

I finally was able to find out what was horking my desktop computer. The problem was every now and then the machine would just freeze. No rhyme or reason to it. It would, without warning, freeze up. The only way out of it was to power off and reboot. When I got a new monitor, it still froze but after a few seconds an error dialog would appear. Something about a video driver. A Ha! My first good lead!

Show Notes

Some tape notes for 7/17/94:

* Thanks to Mark Lynn for the one DAT source.
* Ok, I had three different DAT sources for this show. One
was completely brickwalled and compressed. High level of
clipping. The other wasn't brickwalled / compressed, but
still had some clipping spots during the show. My theory
is that the board was way too hot at this show. To make
up for this, the taper had to set the levels pretty low,
but the board was still clipping on some of Carter's beats
and some of Dave's vocals. The peak levels on the DAT
throughout most of the show are pretty low, -8dB. The
fact that there is clipping lends credence to the hot board.
Most of the hot board is in Dave's vocal channel and a part
of Carter's rig. Board is hot in OSW, Warehouse, Nancies,
and of course AATW.....oh and Jimi Thing.
* Slight digi-glitch at 0:10 in OSW intro, barely audible.
* I fixed one minor digi-glitch during crowd noise after LIOG.
* The board cut out between IBYU and Recently. Not sure why.
I just did a crossfade during the silent part.
* I fixed a board burst around 2:30 into Ants.


Check this out! Shopforweddings.com is THE internet superstore. It is the only place you need to go to shop for anything you might need for a wedding. They have a huge selection of wedding cameras, but they also have all kinds of decorations, place card holders, cake serving sets, cake toppers, toasting glasses, centerpieces, garters, and so much more. If you need favors, attendant gifts, planning books, fun apparel, they have it and you can get it. Check out their site and see for yourself what they have that you need. They have big sales too so you can stick to a budget but look good!

DMB 7/17/1994

This date was originally scheduled as a party for RCA/BMG area reps from around the country, who were in Seattle for a meeting. They rented the Backstage (one of Seattle's top clubs) and bussed in all the record company execs (including the president of RCA). The second idea was to schedule and early show for the execs, and a late show for the public, but it was finally decided that they would open the doors to the general public at midnite. DMB started very late - at about 11:50, so the general public only missed about 10 minutes. The record company buses left part way through the DMB set, leaving about 130 people who had come to the club because of word-of-mouth.

Boyd got his violin smashed going through a 2-way swinging kitchen door to get to his dressing room before the encore.


Big House...

T-scomubone and I went down to finish off the fence. Well, some rain and darkness got in the way of finishing it totally, but we have maybe a day of stuff remaining to complete the fence for Honey & Max...



The opening is for the gate. That's for next time.



Pickets only on the front and part of the back. Mainly so the dogs can't see out at stuff.

The side from the street now:

The appliances were delivered, so now the only thing remaining from it really feeling like a house is getting installed Tuesday: cable, digital phone, and ... internet service. [Nerd alert: the cable internet is 8Mbps DOWN and 2Mbps UP. On a good day the DSL in Aurora gets 1Mbps down so 8Mbps will kick ass!].

So from our original list of things to do before T starts classes, only the finishing work on the fence remains. Oh, and changing the locks on the front & back doors. And two things to have done before winter: install gutters on E & W sides (N & S have them?!?) and new windows. And one thing on the list of whenever-it-happens: rip up the new carpeting and lay down wood floors. To the god damned yard and trees and weeds all I can say is "SEE YOU IN HELL".


Check It: Better

For businesses out there, one very popular method of getting their name out there is Online Yellow Pages. And there are so many options out there for Online Yellow Pages. But there is a relatively new player in that space that is moving up fast! Radiux.com is a new service by Colizer, Inc. In a month they climbed from a ranking of 8.5 million to 14,000 and they are on track to be in the top 100 very soon. They do it by having a very unique method for keeping their directory fresh and accurate. They currently list 14 million businesses. Make yours one of them!


Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I've ever seen! It's easy gift-giving any time because what eater wouldn't love it!!

Hey Parents

Teaching kids about money can sometimes be a tough thing, but it is very necessary in this day and age. I found a really good blog that can give parents some tips to starting a money conversation with kids. This talk is a big part of parenting teens. They have to know how to manage their money. These pages will definitely help.

CheckIt: AlwaysHD

Do you have a lot of HD footage sitting around? Put it to work and make some money by getting a hold of AlwaysHD. They are a revolution in the professional stock footage industry. Specifically hd stock footage. They are a common gathering point that producers from around the world can go to, check out the wealth of stock footage, and purchase what they want to use. Contributors get a cut of the net revenue generated by sales of their clips. This is a great idea for everyone involved. AlwaysHD specializes in High Definition products and even the emerging 2K/4K formats. Check the out. You might have a gold mine in front of you!

PB&J Update

I have removed the embedded peanut butter jelly time clip. Could that clip have been more annoying?!? If you're dying to see that, here. It's not that it's so annoying, but, oh ok, YES IT IS ANNOYING! But, if you have not seen it then you have to see it at least once!

Family Guy

A few days ago Mega Munch said he like Family Guy. Dave, here's a top ten:

Arcade Dump

These are pretty good! Reruns of Family Guy can be seen on TBS and the Cartoon Network. New shows are on Fox. If you have not seen the show then you really should. It is a laugh riot from beginning to end! You surely will not be disappointed!

You Been Hurt?

If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, and you are injured through no fault of your own call O'Hanlon, McCollum and Demerath. There is no better help than this Harlingen Personal Injury Attorney firm. They actually serve the entire Rio Grande Valley so if you are anywhere in the are give them a call first. They can do it all but are accepting cases for auto accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death, product liability, and some other areas. Do not "DIY" if you have been hurt. You will have expenses and since you were hurt by someone else they should rightfully pay. These guys have the experience, so give them a call.

Review of Score

Almost right away when we switched from Sylvan Learning Centers to Score! we saw immediate progress with Bobby. When kids love to learn, they will learn. At Sylvan, it is so much more of a "mill" feeling than at Score learning. They are a very Innovative Tutor indeed! We do not worry about finding out why that is but it is what it is. Bobby is flourishing at Score with his mom in Texas so that is all that matters!

No matter what the subject matter, Score can handle it and get your 4 to 14 year old kid learning too! They have the normal math, reading, and writing. But they also offer study skills courses and much more. It sometimes is how your child is studying. So I urge you to see what Score can do for you and your kids!

Another Video

This video is from right as the contest ends when I turned on the camera. The picture is kinda chaotic at times, but whatever. It goes through Ryan announcing the places. Look for a review of the contest to come very soon.


Jake from SF commented on the Family Guy Top 10, about the Peanut-Butter Jelly Time. This will bug the shit out of you, but here's where the Family Guy writers got the idea:

Note: I have removed the link. See above.

It's Halloween Soon!

There is another movie in the Halloween the movie franchise coming out on August 31st. And the writer & director is someone you have probably heard of – Rob Zombie! I love horror movies, and the Halloween season has produced some good ones. Favorite? Probably the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Anyone:

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock the door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, never seen again."

Wow, that is all from memory.

Did Freddy and Mike ever battle it out? I cannot recall. I know Freddy and Jason did battle. But I don’t think Freddy and Mike Myers ever did. But no matter. Rob Zombie stepping in is really going to do great things for the series. There are not a whole lot of people who wanted the job, but Rob got it and I know it will be great.

There is a good trailer:

Man, if that doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will! The end of August will be here soon so you won't be waiting long to see Halloween the movie! The movie is going to be great! And scary! This might be the best Halloween movie yet! Make your plans now!

I Peench

Click here to see a short clip of a pan of the crowd at the Blueberry Pie contest. It's not much but it gives you some idea of the size.

Eat Me

Here are some photos from the IFOCE Rolling Road Show STAND BY ME Blueberry Pie Eating Championship in Oregon.

I took this only because it's funny to me and T-munny because there's this ghetto place in Denver that did a similar job to a United Airlines sign. They are United Nails.

And this one is freaky because the Manitoba Meatsweats sign in the back window of the car was put in so it was readable to anyone behind the car. But the rear view mirror turned the image around so it read "Manitoba Meatsweats" instead of "abotinaM staewstaeM" or whatever. So would "Ambulance" read "ecnalubmA" in this rear view mirror?

No, it was like a Walgreen's.

Here is the river in the park in Brownsville where the contest was held. Very nice location.

See, here's the Meatsweats sign in the rear window. That rear view mirror was freaky.

I've gotta give a shout out to Fred at Avis. Avis is the official rental car of the Manitoba Meatsweats. When renting the car, Fred asked "so are you here for business or something else?" I said "no, here to eat pie" and yada, yada, yada, he upgraded the car from the subcompact Geo Metro I scored for $20 on priceline.com to this Ford Escape. I don't know how much of a favor it was, but it was fine by me.

Here is the empty field that the Rolling Roadshow turned into an outdoor movie house for the screening of Stand By Me, filmed in Brownsville.

Steakbellie was here?!?

The gathering crowd.

Ima Blueberry.

Some of the pies. Pie and tin together were around 2.35lbs.

Crowd continued to grow. Before the eating I walked around the crowd to get a sense what they were thinking and heard this:

I wonder if that guy who ate all the hot dogs will be here?
I know what they meant, but yeah he was there. 49 at Coney. Yeah he was there.

The twelve eaters and judge Ray Meduna.

Look at the crowd! I am as bad at guessing how many in the crowd as I am guessing age but maybe there were 500 or 600 people. Ryan Nerz did a fine job on the mic, and he got the crowd making noise and in to it the whole time.

Side-stage door from which we stepped.

Ryan's result sheet from the weighings. Everyone's stack of pie remains was weighed. Ray has been the judge at two events I have been in and, rightly so, he weighs everyone's stuff before results are announced. It what, takes just a few minutes and I doubt the crowd minds. I bet they even want to know, really, who ate what. One event I was at, yeah, everyone's food was weighed but only AFTER the results were announced. The winner was announced as eating 6.2 pounds. And that was known HOW?!? The accurate weighings did not effect the placings, but c'mon.

Someone's bottle. Hands-free meant everything was hands-free so if you wanted water then you had to have your assistant pour it in your mouth. Also they wiped you. They also kept giving you pie to eat. Every eater had an assistant. Some even male.

Here is the table afterwards. There is some detritus laying around, but Ray scooped up the bulk of the remains and put them in a tin in each eaters' stack. The pie crusts at the bottom of this photo belong to the fucker who beat me by 1.76 ounces! Waa!

Sign savior so my -1 is a 1. Photo by Erb.

Here's the movie field with the screen inflated.

This one's for Mommye Tommye. Since she is on a fixed income she could make a few bucks like this guy in the Portland Airport. DIA is calling!

Going in to the contest I had thought the final results might be more unpredictable than they were in the end. Sure, there's no way to deny Pat the favored spot but who knew what could have happened what with the hands-free wildcard in there. As for my 2.92, that's disappointing because I had the quite realistic goal of 3.75 as a target (I thought maybe each pie would be 1.5 lbs, and I thought 2.5 - so 3.75 lbs). But it is what it is.