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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Pat Bertoletti & Janus

(With thanks to Hall Hunt for the title)

Just two quick things before the photos. I dig public transportation, you might know that. So this slogan to me is quite witty:

Express bus. They have fewer stops than normal routes. "We pulled out all the stops". Smart!

And, the stations have different art. At one, the tile floor had interspersed "___ American" tiles:

Here is a slideshow of some photos:

This was harsh. It was quite hot and the sun was baking. Big crowd. Mike did his thing, super as always. He got the crowd into the whole scene early on, but they didn't maintain that energy all the way through. I don't know what it was. Kind of like they were in shock seeing some dude eat 40+ peanut butter sandwiches in 10 minutes. Or watching two guys throw up (the other guy was some TV host from Belgium). Whatever.

The sandwiches. The peanut butter was good. The jelly was good. Knott's Farm Boysenberry Preserves. The bread, white. The sandwiches were left out and got a little stale and crispy. That may have slowed everyone down a bit. Too bad because Mr. Bertoletti would have gone to town on soft bread. I had eaten two sandwiches at home on fresh, soft bread. Those were fast.

I did not bring any cups so I used the ones they provided. They were tall, but not wide enough to get your fist in. These were as tall as Nathan's cups but not as wide.

In the end, the results:

1. Pat, 42
2. Tim, 37.5
3. Rich, 34
4. Erik, 20

1-4 are as posted on IFOCE.com. Then what I got:

5. K-Ross, 16
6. Shawn Kirby, 11
7. Erbivore, 10.5
7. Me, 10.5

The guy next to me ate 6. His buddy at 6 or 7. There were 15 eaters including 1 woman. Do not know how she did. Also something to note, no X - Tim, no X. Has that happened before?

I'll see what I have on video.


Blogger Liz said...

I love the shirts! A bright departure from the white and black.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so where's the video? And the rest of the results?


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