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Free Ringtones!

As you guys know I do not spend a lot of money downloading stuff for my phone. I spend enough for the service, so forget extra stuff. Then I found a website where I can Download Ringtones for free. Yes, free. Have you ever heard of DJ Envy? Well he now produces a mix tape for Cellfish. DJ Envy is hot. He has his own radio show every week with some of the best mixes and newest songs out there. There are other things you can do besides Download Ringtones. You get a "locker" where you can upload your favorite pictures from your phone or the web. You can also upload video if you're into that kind of thing. You can use the "send to my phone" feature in the corner of the picture to upload someone else's picture to your phone. If I add you as one of my friends, you get alerted whenever I add a new content. Best of all, it's free. Yes there are some things that aren't free, but the majority of the features of the site are free. Some of the ringtones cost credits which range in price from $1.99 for 10 credits to $9.99 for 110 credits. You only pay for credits that you purchase. There’s no commitment or monthly renewing subscriptions. But like I said, you can get most of the content for free. There’s nothing better than free! Hey check out the picture that I added to my locker. Hubba Hubba!


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