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Do you want to do something good for the community? Here is a very good option. The Alzheimer's Association is holding its annual Memory Walk soon. The event is held each year since 1989. It is held in towns all over the nation and it has raised more than $225 million. Over the years funding has increased for research into the disease but the Association definitely needs all the money it can get to continue its great work. The Alzheimer's Association is trying to get Team Captains for each walk – and they want as many as they can get! Being a Team Captain is easy. You invite some people to join or sponsor, and they invite some people, and those people invite more, and so on! Once you sign up to be a Team Captain you can find all kinds of tools online to help recruit people, keep everything organized, and have fun! It might be the most fun ever! And even if being a Team Captain is not your thing, you can help out by joining event planning committees or by joining any number of event committees which are all dedicated to the Memory Walk effort. What a great way to do something good and feel great for it!


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