A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Eating at the Big Eat

Found out about a sausage eating contest at the Big Eat, an event in Denver where 36 restaurants got together in one place to let the attendees sample some of their food. $25 for all the food you want to try.

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs put on the sausage eating contest. We'd be eating boar sausage for 8 minutes. There was a full field of 10 contestants. Turns out 7 of them were local restaurant-connected people who were in the contest just to be in it. Me, Mark, and Mary Bowers were throwing down.

The sausages were not warm. And the boar was much more chewy than the veal sausages we ate last October for charity in the contest with Joey.

But good times. Mark took it with 17, I got 13 down, and Mary - yellow dress, and oh those shoes - with 11. The other contestants spanned from 8 or so to 1 or 1/2.

T-bonz had a less than ideal spot for photos.

Hot Dogs in Vegas

We were in Las Vegas over the weekend, and Ellis Island just happened to be hosting a hot dog eating contest. Sweet! Tom Gilbert won last year, and he was there to defend. But, prizes for 2nd and 3rd too..

Here's the table of the 10. The guy on the end just finished his first plate and it took forever for him to get another plate. He jogged in place while waiting.

Tom crushed with 32. 2nd had 13. I grabbed 3rd with 13. Weird rules. 10 minutes, but each eater could only have 1 glass of water for the duration.

Big Bad Wolf Challenge

Went to Crave in Castle Rock with T-bonz and Mommye to take on the Big Bad Wolf challenge. Three loaded Three Little Pigs burgers and a bunch of fried onion strings. Time max of 45 minutes.

5-6 for 2012.

Burger at Fat Boys

Decided to go to Fat Boys for their 4lb burger challenge. Had not been there since defeating it in early 2010.

Details of the challenge were the same as before. Two 1lb patties, each with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Side of fries, and side of beans.

Not that big.

They didn't bring a bottle of ketchup. Just these entirely inadequate tiny little things.


Scraping it clean.

I beat my time from before, but should have eaten a bit faster to be under 15 minutes. But whatever. 5-5 for 2012. More importantly bitches, 94 days.