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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

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Vail: la cantina

La Cantina means The Cantina. And in Vail, la cantina means the best food in town. If you find yourself in Vail and you're hungry, skip the four-star German and French restaurants and skip the other world-famous eateries there. Head to the bus terminal. Go downstairs. Order anything on the menu. Eat it.

The decor is very un-Vail. You pick up your food at the counter. What's a place like this even doing in Vail?

I settled on the pork burrito.

They aren't fooling around! Before smothering it in one of their salsas up at the counter, I picked up the burrito. Easily 2 pounds. 2 pounds of some of the most flavorful pork you will ever eat. And a shot of guacamole. Normally I have no problem saying "no guac" but this time I forgot to say it and I am kind of glad I did. That's good guac.

Above, coming to the end of pork, pork, and more pork.

T-Bonz ordered the chicken enchilada combination so she got full-size sides of rice and beans. I had just small servings of each. Look two photos up and you can see there is hardly any room for them because of the burrito.

But the beans! Not made with the standard pinto beans but rather made with black beans! I had not had Frijoles Refritos made with black beans for 20 years. A neighbor friend from Honduras always had black Frijoles Refritos on hand. Mashed black beans on white bread - now that's good eats.

Two thumbs up for this place. I don't know if la cantina has been around long in Vail and I don;t know if the clientèle will keep it going so get up there soon and go eat here.


Crocs Rebounds?

A while ago CROX took a hit - going down about half - but it is on the way back up. Well, it's been up and down in a narrow range but believe it or not the trend is up some. It is a great company, so we'll see what happens.

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Each time we go to Lupita's Restaurant on Colfax the food is better than the last time.

I ordered the Tamale Plate combination. I've had it before and I'll have it again and again. The beans are, I think, the best Frijoles Refritos I've ever had. People call them "Refried" but that is actually a misnomer. Refritos means "fried", not "refried". I also ordered a bean burrito. Maybe a bit too much melty cheese covering it, but the taste of the beans make up for that.

Above, a full shot of the Tamale Plate combination. Below, a close up of one tamale.

The masa is off the hook, and the pork is - T-Bonz will love this - money. The tamales are smothered in a green chile sauce that is not too hot - just right - and very flavorful.

Here's the bean burrito.

Simply made but oh so good. The beans inside are a couple of mashes short of Lupita's Frijoles Refritos. Same great taste but a few more chunky whole bean parts. Perfect.

See you next time, Lupita!


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Muy bien.

There is no way to go wrong at Chipotle. (Well, as long as you keep away from the sour cream).

The nice senoritas made yet another deliciously simple burrito. Their cilantro-strewn basmati rice, marinaded steak, tender black beans, and fresh lettuce.

I got the hot salsa. Normally I go for the medium temperature corn salsa. I think the hot is too overpowering. I could not taste the individual flavors of the ingredients. Next time I will go back to the corn salsa, but I will get pinto beans. I don't think I have ever had the pintos - always I get the black beans.

Toward the end - maybe the last 1/4 - the burrito's structural integrity began to break down. The tortilla developed a gash along the top and the sides kind of gave out.


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2nd Time = Better?

I'm sure a lot of us are eating leftovers from Thanksgiving. Most of us on Thanksgiving day eat separate piles: one of meat, one of potatoes, one of stuffing, etc. But leftovers tend to either be in sandwich form or, for us, everything is all mixed together:

This mixture of stuff is always really, really good. I wonder why we don't eat this way on the actual day. Is it wrong?


Need a host?

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The photo above is a shot of Max's latest attempt at digging under the fence and pulling a Hairy Houdini since we're so mean to her all the time. T-Bonz took this picture. The thing that is quite remarkable is that Max dug down, found the chicken wire, and pulled the 8-foot section of wire out. Mind you I had removed 4" of soil. Then put the wire in. Attached it to the landscape timbers, and covered it up. I don't know what the combined weight of an 8' x 2' x 4" cube of dirt but it's gotta be weighty. And Max yanked it out.

So, soon to be in the blog: photos of me constructing a deck. Max can't dig through it, right?

Get These Lights

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What About Cheesy Janes?

I was talking to a guy at work. About burgers. About big burgers. Turns out he said a picture of him is up on the wall at Cheesy Janes. I think I might have to go there and see what is up. I will find out more and let everyone know what is going on.

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Heck Yeah!

Gotta give a quick shout out to Steakbellie, the captain of my fantasy eating team - Manitoba Meatsweats, for qualifying today on a Philadelphia radio station for the 16th annual Wing Bowl. He also qualified last year. Today he qualified by eating 9 items on the McDonald's Value Menu. He ate them in just under 5:30. Good job, captain Steak! Another team member, Wing Kong, also qualified!


You guys have not missed anything I have done as far as eating contests or whatever. There have been no IFOCE events for me since the Krystal qualifier in Perry, GA in the beginning of October. I do not know when the next event is or if everyone in the IFOCE offices died. You will know when I know.

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Build It

Hey you have got to check this out! Billy over at SupersizedMeals found this and posted it for everyone. This game is so cool! It is quite addicting too so if you are at work maybe do not go to the game now but rather wait until you get home.

Big Snow!

So we had a big storm move through. We got maybe 4 or 5 inches here in town. But the mountains got pounded! The central mountains got theirs - 30, 40 inches. Not bad. But the southwest part of Colorado scored! Crested Butte, 55 inches. Monarch, 65 inches!! This storm moved east and caused the ice storm that hit OK really bad. But damn! 65 inches!

Check It: The Waverly

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Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I have ever seen! It truly is easy gift-giving any time because what eater wouldn't love it!!

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Alfonso's Part Dos

You may remember last week Sconey and I went to Alfonso's in the Conoco.

I had a carnitas combinacion that was quite delicious. I saw on the menu that they had a yumbo burrito for $9 when regular burritos are priced in the $3 to $4 range. So we had to go back:

The Yumbo. Steak. Rice. Cheese. Pico. Hold the guac (remember the loose-bowel-movement guacamole from before?). Hold the sour cream.

I thought it'd be a little bigger than the normal burrito size.

The foil-wrapped Yumbo looked pretty daunting. Easily the biggest burrito I've seen. And the biggest I've thunk about eating.

The Yumbo is two big fresh tortillas stuffed with the ingredients.

Above is the second half. I had no idea how to cleanly (and unphallically) eat the whole thing so I cut it in half.

All of the stuff inside was quite tasty. The steak was really good. It was more or less cubed in pieces about the size of little sugar cubes.

And here is the last bite.

I would put the weight of the yumbo burrito at 4 to 5 pounds maybe. The Yumbo was too long for the tray so I turned it diagonally and it was as long as the hypotenuse of the tray. I'd say it is Gordo-sized. (Here's a video of a guy eating the Gordo from Burrito Loco in West Chester, PA [Hello, Dave... SteakB...] in 4 minutes). The Yumbo may be a little shorter but it looks like it is girthier.

NOTE: on the menu the burrito is called "Jumbo". But when I ordered the Jumbo blah blah blah the hispanic guy behind the register asked "what kind of meat do you want on the yumbo" so the Jumbo is now known as the Yumbo.


Lay Your Hands On Me

At the end of a long day who among us would not want a luxurious massage? In Greenville, SC, there is only one place to go – Greenville Massage. You can check out the site for much more information and find out much more about what they can do for you. Check it out – you will be glad you did!

My Quad Anus

Billy at supersizedmeals.com gave me a shout out. He has a blurb and a link to my quad anus. Check it out!

(To be accurate, it was a quad Whopper. I only had a double anus)

Review: Grab It!

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Next Up

I'm going down to the Big House this weekend for a couple of days. On tap is to tend to the fence that Punky keeps digging under. Also on my list is to build two workbenches for in the shed. In all this time I have gone down there I've not done any work in my shed. Maybe that ends - or maybe next time...


Coming this Christmas to a theater near you is the latest offering from director Tim Burton. The star is one of his oft-chosen names: Johnny Depp. I do not want to say too much and risk giving away the story behind the movie, but let me just say that Johnny portrays someone who had something done to him by someone and he wants to get that someone back. And let me say this movie looks great!

Revenge, my friends. It is a dish best served cold, and this film really gives you something to think about. Many films have revenge as the central theme, but one of the best, in my mind, is High Plains Drifter. It stars Clint Eastwood, as the man with no name, and I think might be his directorial debut. If you have not seen the film then I will just say bull whips, rape, corrupt, and Lago. See the movie. He gets his revenge. On the whole lot of them. It is good.

And as far as the new movie goes, be sure to visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and also visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace. Tim Burton is great, and Johnny Depp is great so what is not to like about this movie?


It's more or less winter here. And today, we got rain. Not a lot or anything but still. Any precipitation that falls from the sky between November and April, down on the plains, should totally be in the snow form, right?!?


And Now???

So we're getting ready to head down to the Big House again. One of my things to focus on will be the fence. You know, the one Maxine is toying me about. Punk. I was hot on the deck idea, but I've cooled on that. Maybe nice wide pavers. We'll see.

Got Gut?

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