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Muy bien.

There is no way to go wrong at Chipotle. (Well, as long as you keep away from the sour cream).

The nice senoritas made yet another deliciously simple burrito. Their cilantro-strewn basmati rice, marinaded steak, tender black beans, and fresh lettuce.

I got the hot salsa. Normally I go for the medium temperature corn salsa. I think the hot is too overpowering. I could not taste the individual flavors of the ingredients. Next time I will go back to the corn salsa, but I will get pinto beans. I don't think I have ever had the pintos - always I get the black beans.

Toward the end - maybe the last 1/4 - the burrito's structural integrity began to break down. The tortilla developed a gash along the top and the sides kind of gave out.



Blogger Liz said...

mmm, Chipotle. I love sour cream, though, so there's no holding that back. And the guac.

Anonymous erbivore said...

Maybe after getting the hot salsa this post should be called "Punk-Ass" too...just a thought.


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