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Each time we go to Lupita's Restaurant on Colfax the food is better than the last time.

I ordered the Tamale Plate combination. I've had it before and I'll have it again and again. The beans are, I think, the best Frijoles Refritos I've ever had. People call them "Refried" but that is actually a misnomer. Refritos means "fried", not "refried". I also ordered a bean burrito. Maybe a bit too much melty cheese covering it, but the taste of the beans make up for that.

Above, a full shot of the Tamale Plate combination. Below, a close up of one tamale.

The masa is off the hook, and the pork is - T-Bonz will love this - money. The tamales are smothered in a green chile sauce that is not too hot - just right - and very flavorful.

Here's the bean burrito.

Simply made but oh so good. The beans inside are a couple of mashes short of Lupita's Frijoles Refritos. Same great taste but a few more chunky whole bean parts. Perfect.

See you next time, Lupita!



Blogger Mega Munch said...

I love these pictures. You're like me. I wonder if your wife is like my girlfriend. She's slightly annoyed and embarrassed by my photographic efforts.

"Hey honey, take my picture while I hold up the burger!" (clenched jaw, rolls eyes) "Take another one from a lower angle, it makes the burger look bigger!" (death stare, refusal)

Anonymous Shammie said...

I'm pretty sure Mega Munch and Skinny Boy are twins separated at birth! :)

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

No doubt, MM! Been there. Done that.


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