A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

16 Days

I sure hope my stockpile of cereal lasts until we go!

20 Days

Of course while all the move stuff is going on, I am continuing my triathlon training. T-bonz and I have the team relay triathlon in Keauhou in November. More immediate that that is a Peaman duathlon in Kona in August. 900m swim followed by a 3.1 mile run.

I am still doing most running on the track. Flat to be sure, but it's good to get a pace dialed in. Later!

21 Days

Wait... 21 days?!? That means we have this Friday, then the next, then the one after that, then we leave! Sweet!

Mexican on the Big Island

Pancho & Lefty's, Kona
Killer Tacos, Kona
Taco's El Unico, Kona
Los Habaneros, Kona
Taco Del Mar, Kona
Kona Golf, Kona
Lobo Del Mar Cafe, Kona
Senor Billy's Cantina, Kealakekua
Mi Taqueria Potosina, Holualoa
Los Arcos, Kamuela
Las Cazuelas, Kamuela
Tako Taco Taqueria, Kamuela
Just Tacos, Kamuela
Senor Billy's Cantina, Captain Cook
Adnanas, Captain Cook
Tadeo's, Hilo
Bueno Burrito, Hilo
Reuben's Mexican Food, Hilo
Maui Tacos, Hilo

22 Days

T-bonz and I head to the dump to get rid of some stuff:

Getting this load out really helped clear the garage. What is left is some stuff that is already spoken for, Ebay stuff, and small stuff we'll toss out in the normal trash removal..

23 Days

Here's how the final sale went. On the left side are the CDs that SecondSpin.com didn't buy. Middle and on the right are those they bought. Overall it went pretty much that way too: I sold around 1/2 of what we had, and the other half was not bought. And most that did sell were for 5 cents or maybe 25 cents. Better than nothing, I guess!

24 Days

Today was all about getting rid of the CDs. I already have sold a bunch to Abundatrade and SecondSpin but there's still many to get out of here! Tomorrow I will have some numbers for you about this last sell.

25 Days

New carpet in the rooms

26 Days


Lots o' bacon

27 Days

Here's how the patio area looked before Paul stopped by:

And here's how the patio area looked after Paul stopped by:

Did I mention that Honda Elements f-in kick ass!

28 Days

Movers come in a couple of days. We have to have everything that is going with the movers identified and ready to go. After the movers are finished on Wednesday the only way stuff goes is in our suitcases! Between the movers and our date, we have to get rid of everything else! Will we have missed stuff? Yes, probably but it is what it is!

29 Days

82 degrees, 83 degrees, 84 degrees, whatever!

30 Days

So I've probably averaged a Pop-Tart every morning for 30 years or so. Easily. My flavor: Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Other flavors might come and go but I can always count on FBSC. What's going to happen in 30 days? Will I give up the habit or modify it somewhat?!?

Death Wall

Some shots of the Wall of Fame at Westside Pizza in Anacortes, Washington from June 19, 2012...