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Only in Hawai'i

I went to Hawai'i for a few days - T-bonz had already been there for a couple of days so she scoped this out - and went to McDonald's to try something you will only find at a McDonald's in Hawai'i. Check out the photo of the drive-thru menu and you'll see it...

The McTeri burger. Deluxe or Double Deluxe. I ordered up two - ahem - doubles. One for action photos on location, and the other for study back at the condo. Christmas at McDonald's in Hawai'i. Doesn't get any better than that!

The burger is not bad but it is nothing particularly mind-blowing. Good crispy lettuce, and a surprisingly fresh tomato. Two all-beef patties. And a healthy dollop of Kikkoman teriyaki sauce.

Below is right after I took a digger and bruised my coccyx. But I did save the McTeri Double Deluxe Burger.

Here's the other one. Looks good!

Taking it apart yielded something very surprising, and to me very disturbing.

Mayo. I hate mayo. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. When I downed the double previously I did not taste the stuff. Was there none on the other burger? Did the teri sauce cover up the mayo? With my sensitive palate I'm shocked I didn't notice.

Needless to say I scraped this sh*t off. Some white onions were mixed in so I tried to save some of the less-mayoed pieces.

As tasty as the other.

Actually I think it tasted better this time because I know for sure that I didn't ingest any mayo. Yes, there was some residue on the onions but no more.
Last bites.

I have since found out that McDonald's in Hawai'i have another item on their menu that you'll only find there and in Asia. A taro pie. Next time!


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Here's 2

#1: Yum

#2: The host of some show on CNBC now is Carmen Wong Ulrich. Is she a chinese latina who married a German?

Doggy Destruction

How? Why?

Chicken Wing Contest Clip

On the Travel Channel was Bar Food Paradise, the latest installment of their Food Paradise series. As part of the exploration of the Buffalo chicken wing, there was a little footage of the IFOCE U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Championship won by Sonya Thomas. Keeler, Badlands, and Subich get some face time in this short clip. Click here to watch it.

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A Past Blast!

Oh my god. Me bungee jumping from a hot air balloon in 1991. The newsworthy item here is that.. I.. had.. hair.. Check out my bangs! Cowabungee!

Need Police Gear?

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Coming Up

Beginning on Monday I am going to review each win I have had in eating contests, and also some close-to-wins. Until then, here again is my photo of the millenium: