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Fake Rocks

At the Big House we have recently built the fence in the back and side yards. For the dogs, naturally. But now T and I have to think about what we are going to do to make this new space look good. One answer is put in some landscaping and rocks. But real rocks are pretty heavy. But real rocks look so good. Now we can have it both ways! Artificial Rocks Factory is in the business of making rocks. Artificial. They take molds of 800 to 1000 pound boulders. Then they create cast stone fake rocks. They do not use fiberglass or polyurethane. They use actual rock and it is construction grade. They make 20 models about one inch thick, hollow, and open at the bottom. That is really cool! You can get them in three colors. Once you buy some rocks, they ship via FedEx Ground. So you can go on the site, decide what you want, and have them at your door in no time. But when you go on the site and view the samples be aware that the finished products are all hand crafted so the final product you receive will probably not look exactly like the pictures on the site. But the rocks look great and the site does a great job showing you what you will get. So have a look.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Did you say hollow and open at the bottom? Two words: Porn stash.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! These are supposed to be fake rocks? I've seen artificial rocks before, but none (!) of them look this realistic! The wonders of the modern age, huh? Thanks for sharing!

Artificial Rocks Factory


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