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Krystal Square Off IV

As many of us know the schedule for the fourth Krystal Square Off has been announced.

I am thinking about participating but I am not signing up on the IFOCE page so I can skip the 2-minute qualifiers and go directly to the local finals.

I think that is lame to do that. I can see why they allow that option, but I think the only people who should go straight to the local finals are, I don't know, maybe top-10-ranked eaters, eaters who ate 20 or 25 or 30 last year, I don't know what criteria but you know what I mean.

I think that if there is a qualifying table before a final table then most everybody should qualify for the finals. Like Nathan's. Everyone has to qualify. I would not want to be at a final table unless I "proved" I should be there (if there are qualifiers).

I believe Bob, Hall, and Arturo went the 2-minute qualifier route last year. Hopefully more IFOCE eaters will do that this year.


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