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This is too funny ... I was yanking up my pants after taking a dump at work just now. I hear another plop.

I say to myself "But I'm done, what the heck was that?"

I look down and behind me. There is the murkiness is.. my.. wallet. Floating on top. And the toilet is one of the auto-flush types. And it's beginning to flush. Without much time to think about what to do - actually that is probably a good thing in this case - I fish it out.

I pull everything out of the wallet - card, license, cash (luckily I have a policy of carrying only a little cash money). Dry each off - the contents didn't get too wet or anything.

Right now the wallet is wrapped in one of those toilet seat liners. So those things actually DO have a purpose.


Anonymous Shammie said...

Oh man! Was it your Snoopy wallet??? Or your Badz Maru wallet???


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Oh dude.

Blogger shimniok said...

Fast reactions... a blessing... and a curse!

Good thing it was a floater... >:)


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