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Change the IFOCE Contract?

Mega Munch commented on my post about the IFOCE saying in part:
Why don't the eaters come together and lobby the IFOCE to change the non-compete rule? Start an online petition. Something!

I'd be all for that but I do not think it would go anywhere because 1) not enough eaters have the cojones to step up, 2) eaters with anything substantive to gain and darlings of the IFOCE (see Joey, Pat, Tim, etc) would not speak up, and 3) without #2 then I doubt ANY number of signatures from the little people would result in any action from the IFOCE regarding changes to the contract. It's their baby so they will do what they want.

About #1, Rhonda Evans posted a great comment on eatfeats, saying:
To be honest, I expect few (IFOCE) eater attitudes to change, and I think it’s due to what I call the prestige factor, based on two premises:

1. Being associated with those two or three world class eaters that a minute percentage of the population DOES ever so remotely associate with. (”He’s on the Wall of Fame!)

2. Having (or living with the dream of having) one’s face planted on national TV every so often. Let’s face it, such opportunities are few and far between with the AICE. Case in point: outside of Japan, Eatfeats, and the AICE site / participants, has anyone seen, heard about, or know about the US versus Japan world eating championship matches that just occurred?

There you have it.

Yes, indeed, there you have it.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

I dunno. I don't think the IFOCE is really married to that non-compete rule anyhow. If they see that 25 or 30 of their eaters cared so much that they came together to sign a letter or something...you never know what might happen. What's they worst that could happen?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a petition is a great idea. I would definitely sign it. I understand the reasons against doing challenges but I certainly don't agree.

-pat bertoletti

Anonymous beautifulbrian said...

I just noticed this post because i wasnt keeping up with your site during the past few weeks. I went a step further regarding the contract and other issues by posting a video state of the disunion address last year on my website. Did anyone in the front office listen? Hardly. George Shea emailed a few weeks after to inform me that he did watch the video. Big Deal.As far as lack of contests, there is nothing in the contract that states that they are required to have so and so contests per year similar to my internet tv show. They do it at their own convienience. One thing they are good at is copying ideas from time to time. Like year in review which i post during the month of Dec . The MLE video page is a page right out of BB.com. I honestly dont mind it one bit and they are welcome to use what they want but this restrictive contract has to go. I disagree with the little darlings theory in some respect. Tim yes. Pat no. Pat is anything but an ass kisser to the IFOCE and will stand up for a cause whether he is ranked #2 or #50 . Chestnut i dont know about because he has chosen to shun himself from the media and people in general when it comes to CE. Like everything else in life, if enough people bitch or threaten to walk away especially the high ranked eaters, many of these restrictions like banning of eating challenges would be removed from the contract faster than you can blink your eye. I know that for a fact. You hit it right on the nose with Japan vs USA. Outside of Japan and eatfeats and the aice website, noone knows or cares about that event.


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