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UEPa Hits Cheeburger Cheeburger

With the Pennsylvania arm of the UEPa (United Eaters of Pennsylvania, duh!) visiting the Niner Diner, it was only natural that the UEPa-Colorado do something, right? With me in attendance there was a quorum. And a majority. Actually, with me present the entire membership of UEPa-Colorado was there. And T-Bonz, Mommye Tommye, Ricky Bobby Tommye, Rhonda Tommye, Chris Tommye...

Out east the UEPa was taking on 3lb burgers + 5lb fries. Nothing like that at Cheeburger Cheeburger (heretofore, CC). One pounder.

Before (1,2) the burger was not so dry. I ordered it Medium (CC's lightest setting). And the deep inside was perfect. The crusty outside shell wasn't so bad but the cow between that and the pink middle area was dry. Bone dry. T had me add ketchup, and that helped, but still.

In what was great timing, after that one the waitress brings out another pounder with every topping.

Except of course mayonnaise. And no guacamole. And no Grey Poupon. With jalapeno cheese.

I didn't see, hence forgot to hold, the Chopped Black Olives. Here I am picking them off the top. Later I would discover there were many more chopped black olives hidden UNDER the patty. Picked those off too. Bonz said "with all the other stuff you wouldn't have even known the olives were there". Yes I would have.

Below, it didn't take any time at all before the many juices were running down my hands. What was behind this poopy-colored discharge I do not know.

The photo fails to capture how bad this particular juice looked. And it tasted just as bad.

Above and below are inspired by the mixture of jalapeno peppers, horseradish, salsa, Tabasco, banana peppers, and the olive juice. At once it was both tangy and acidic, and also much more stomach-churning than I had thought.

At CC the drinks are in mason jars. I usually hate drinking from those jars but the lid lip provided a needed grip for my poopy-juice-and-stuff slimed hands. Drink? Water. Watch those calories.

And to show for it - a photo for my wall.

To have the first one and then the other one with all the toppings was my plan, and that I did. And I am glad I got the 2nd one with all the toppings. But I won't be getting that again. Actually it was quite disgusting. Five tops, maybe 10, sure. There are some interesting combinations possible. But 21 - no. Even with that, quite a successful meeting of UEPa-Colorado.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

poopy colored.... great description.

UEPa-Colorado represented well!

Blogger Mega Munch said...

"poopy-colored discharge"...Payne beat me to that observation. Nice.

I CAN'T WAIT for the Cheeburger Cheeburger to open here. The store front is up...they just need to open the sonafabitch!

Did you know that their one-pounders start out as 20 ounces of raw beef so that they cook down to one pound? That's my kind of burger joint.

Blogger shimniok said...

I'm with you on the black olives. It's a princess and the pea kind of thing. Or something. Urp.


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