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BK vs. BK

Uh, if you remember my post from a couple of days ago about the vending machine at work now having Burger King Ketchup and Fries flavored snacks, you will remember my reluctance to try these. Last night I did try them. Side by side with the actual Burger King fries with ketchup. Dave, you won't be needing me to mail you a bag of these snacks.

This photo shows how the BKKF (Burger King Ketchup and Fries flavored potatoe snacks) look compared to the BKFK (Burger King fries and ketchup).

Here's a close up of a BKKF and a BKFK. They were similar in one respect - all the flavoring seems to be in the toppings on each. Without ketchup the BKFK had no taste actually. And without the artifical red topping the BKKF wafer had no taste.

Part of the comparison was a smell test of each. As I said above, the BKFK alone had no taste. And no smell. The BKKF smelled like ass.

This was the only way to eat a BKKF. Top it with a BKFK. Who thought these were a good idea? OK, maybe an OK idea but who thought this final version was the one??

I'm looking for the new BK Flame-Broiled Burger chips. These offerings probably won't be on the market too long so I better hurry.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

I'm still curious.

Blogger Domenico said...

Oh my gosh, I saw those for some time now in the vending machine at my job when I was craving a snack. As soon as I saw those, my craving ceased! Still, even though I reached in my pocket to discover I didn't have enough for a snack, I asked someone to lone me a buck and I bought a diet coke instead. The sight of those are nasty, they should be banned!!


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