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8 Again!

Tonight: 8 hot dogs and buns. Timed. Began with a really good pace - after 2 minutes I had put away 4+. Due to a couple of factors, my pace slowed and at the finish the time was 6 minutes, 10 seconds for 8 HDBs. Capacity for more. I have to study the tape to get more insight.

Here are two pics of the dog pile -

This time I used Nathan's Skinless Beef Franks. Not bigger than the bun like last time but the girth of these was more substantial. The numbers were similar to the last 8:

Each Nathan's Skinless Beef Frank -
170 calories (140 from fat)
15g fat (6g saturated)
35mg cholesterol
470mg sodium
2% vitamin A

Each Market Pantry (Target) Hot Dog Bun -
110 calories
2g fat
170mg sodium


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