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I Heart Chili Dogs

Here's something I didn't know. I came across Wikipedia's entry on the Cleveland Steamer, which informs us that crapping on one's chest and then rubbing it in with your ass has also been referred to as the Cincinnati Bow Tie and the Pasadena Mudslide. All worthy locales to claim ownership of that.

From there, a Google search for Blumpie (I had too much free time I guess) took me to the Dictionary of Poo Sex, where I learned of the Chili Dog.

Check out these steps to taking your relationship to another level:

1. Crap a loose, Slushee-like stool on a woman's chest. There's your buns and chili.
2. Now add a hot dog, in the form of your hard d1ck, to slide through the mess.

Warning from the Dictionary: "Discoloring of the breasts may occur." Not a problem, I don't think, if it's not bikini season.

Some couple somewhere has done this. I absolutely guarantee it. If the Interwebs have done anything, it's exposed us to activities of the strangest people on the planet, stories mainstream media never touched before or since. But you know these scatalogicians are out there. Perhaps they live next door to you. And maybe he delivered that gyro pizza, because it would've started the job just fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

urban dictionary has a million of these.

-pat bertoletti


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