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Review: Sales Training

There is a great new site out there that is about sales training in the United Kingdom. Sales is a really tough field. Most of our interactions with salesmen have been with either cold callers on the phone or cold knockers on the door. That has got to be as tough, tough field. A boss of mine used to equate retail sales with cold sales. But no, in retail sales ā€“ at a ski shop ā€“ every customer walked into that shop on their own ā€“ they want to be there, heck they might even want to buy something.

But what we commonly think of as sales is trying to get customers to come around and put down their money or get involved. When customers did not want to before the cold call began. Man, that has got to be tough.

AS-SA has that great website where you can go and learn all there is to learn about sales. And you should go, find out what the big news is, and make up your mind about whether or not it is for you. The courses for Sales Training that they offer run the gamut from Commitment Selling to Writing Proposals, so they probably offer what you want. But see for yourself. And just think about what is possible.


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