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Review: Mint Credit Card

Mint Credit Cards will change the way people think about credit cards. A different shape than your usual rectangular, the Mint Credit Card is missing the bottom right hand corner. Kind of sleek, and a little hipper than average. This is the first design change to the average credit card in the UK in 37 years.

Mint Credit cards offer both traditional credit cards (with amazing 0% rates on purchases until 1/2008, 0% balance transfers until 8/2008, and a bonus offer) and gift cards. What's more is that they recently lowered their rates – both introductory and the typical APR. What is not to like with their uk credit card?


Anonymous CreditThinker said...

hm.. This is quite an interesting offer. I think we all are tired of boring rectangularity. I suggest to issue oval credit cards, square credit cards, or even credit cards with shape of polygon as star :)


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