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Review: Personal Finance

As you might know, we got the Big House. It was a big purchase, of course, and not one to be entered into without some thought. We had to think about where the funds would come from. Knowing about mortgages helped a lot. On the one hand, a mortgage could definitely be classified as "good" debt. On the other hand, it is still debt. And there would have been other costs with a traditional mortgage like other closing costs. After all was analyzed, we figured out the best way to go and went for it.

One of those ways could have been to use credit cards. What a personal finance topic! On average, Americans carry so much credit card debt. I do not know the specific number, but it is something like thousands. They will never get that paid off because the credit card companies make it so attractive to take on more debt and enter a circle where you borrow, you might even get ahead, then there is some great offer that people cannot pass up so the cycle goes on and on.

For more personal finance opinion, read the articles that NationsFinance has posted. The articles are jam packed full of good info!


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