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How Now

T-bonz and I go to Brown Cow for one of their challenges.

See, I was in a good mood.

But when I get there I decided to try their burger challenge. I think it's the first time I try a challenge on a whim.

The burger is 100% angus chuck. Very good meat.

Nice clean place. I think it was a Tokyo Joe's before.

The menu

Waiting for it to arrive

This is the Cow Tipper. 3 pounds of steakburger + 1 lb bun + 1 lb toppings (cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles) + 1 lb thin cut fries + 32 oz shake (I went with strawberry). 1 hour to eat it.

Close shot

It's loaded. Bun is buttered.

The meat is very tasty

Lube up the meat

Trying something - ANYTHING - to get that dense bun down.


I chugged the shake as the clock wound down.

Shake: done. Burger: meat + toppings done. Fries: half done.



Another shot of the remains

The bun they use


8 pounds is probably out of my range even if I prepared. But to only have most of the bun and 1/2 the fries left is pretty good for me. For going in cold, not having pooped that day, and not knowing what this would be, I'm OK with it. Another failure sucks, and T-bonz was coachy-coachin like crazy, but it happens.

As for Brown Cow, get there! Yes, their site (and Facebook page) need some updating quite badly, but that shake had to be the best ever. Also worth a mention: the meat. Delicious, not greasy, and I wish there could be more meat and less bun. Next time: I'll have a hunger that can only be satisfied with more cowbell!

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