A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

#6 - Not Tonight

We were hanging out at Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs, waiting around to watch Obiden do his thing at the DNC. Me, Stork, B-Renda, Mongo's brother, some dudes. The bar had some chicken nuggets cooked up. So it was on, byotch.

We each got 80 nuggets on a plate. 10 minutes on the clock. The nuggets were a good temperature. Maybe a bit on the dry side because the outer coating was more like bread crumbs and not "skin-y" like a McDonald's nugget. But they were OK. I had a modest plan of keeping the mouth clear and seeing how it went. I failed pretty miserably on that. So as the clock ticked down 10..9..8 I couldn't stuff much in because the mouth was already stuffed. At the end:

Stork - 45
Me - 44
Double A - 35
B-Renda - 32
the other guy 1 - 21
the other guy 2 - 21

The freaking democrats better not find a way to lose.



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