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I am not one to comment on what people post on their own internet site. They can think, write and post whatever they want. So when I read Beautiful Brian's rant against eatfeats.com and ojrifkin, and how eatfeats.com incites hate, and how that site has done all kinds of bad stuff for competitive eating, blah blah blah, I had to think "wtf crawled up his ass and died?". I can't remember any specifics that were in his manifesto - and he's since removed it - but suffice it to say that he blames eatfeats and oj for just about everything. Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle back? And he bitches and moans about how people head to eatfeats instead of his site. Uh, yeah right. Meh, whatever.

But having said that, you've got to check out his take on what the competitors at the Nathan's weigh-in were thinking. That's some good stuff!


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