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Tuna Feesh!

I just found out about something called the Great American Seafood Cook Off. This is really exciting to me because I love seafood. Now, I’m not too good at cooking seafood and making a really great tasting meal but I do know how to eat it! If I was in this cook off then I guess I could bring it on with my favorite dish – I can even prepare it! Tuna fish, my favorite dish. I do it up healthily using mustard instead of gross gross gross mayonnaise. Mayo is easily the most disgusting thing ever invented for human consumption. Hate it! Tuna is great without it. And tuna is wonderful because, here, the source is known, it is local and fresh. Okay, maybe not, but it is good.

This is a great event and someone can win big bucks! And make a great dish! Cook off is soon, so get ready now! To the tuna fish, add mustard, Mrs. Dash, relish. What else? You tell me by replying on this post. There are many things you can add; you must have your own favorite! So get creating and check out the Great American Seafood Cook Off, get excited about it, and have fun! See you later!


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