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The Burrito

It is just under two weeks out. T1, T2, and I hit The Rock in Aurora.

They have a 5 pound burrito:

You choose bean or beef or chicken. Or 1/2 of one + 1/2 of the other. I went with 1/2 bean and 1/2 chicken. Above is the burrito .. 6lb 15oz including the 2lb 14oz plate. Add to that 4lb burrito the 1lb additional plate with tomato, lettuce, rice, and beans:

Let's do it. The cheese... meh. But it's all good.

The first few bites were quite temperature hot.

Here is about halfway through. The shredded chicken and beans were blended together well.

Getting there...

Below, the last bite of the burrito:

And the last bite. I went at the burrito first, then the side plate.

T1 & T2 graciously allowed me to put aside two onion rings for the end.

Below, our server. Thomas has that pointing finger look down cold. If his upper-lower arm angle was greater than 90 degrees it'd be the Crazy Legs Point. But with the angle being below 90 degrees - and with his age factor - that's no doubt the Colbert Point.

Early last year I ate a beef/bean burrito here. That too went well, but this time it went down faster and I felt better overall. And I think it moved faster through the body; under 12 hours from eating to evacuation. That's fast for me. Usually I'm more 18-24 hours. It's not all out, but it is what it is.

P.S. - Furious Pete, buy a scale.



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That burrito looks awesome! Good job on that thing.


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