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It's Joey *

Last year after Kobayashi puked and ate it back in and was still 2nd, it was going to be fun to watch who would get away with what in the contest this year. From the ESPN telecast nobody did anything really obvious. Joey began a split-second early. At the end stuff, Kobayashi cupped his hand over his mouth, removed it, drank from a Nathan's cup, and put the hand back over his mouth. Joey too cupped his hand over his mouth. But whatever. It was fun to watch. Joey got the benefit of the doubt on the 4th, but when Joey goes to Kobayashi's turf (or near it) at the end of the month you can be sure that any close calls will probably go in Koby's favor.

Here are two links from the Rocky Mountain News. One is a column and the other one is an AP article with a blurry picture.


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