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Two Questions

1. I think Furious Pete is not in Joey Chestnut/Pat/Koby territory yet, but who would win between Pete and Eater X (or anyone in the group just below J/P/K)?

2. Will anything come from Gersh Kuntman's video of Kobayashi cheating in the Coney Island finals on July 4th? It was clear to anyone watching the ESPN broadcast that Kobayashi cheated at the end of regulation, but I did not see the commissioner of the IFOCE, Charles Hardy, in Kobayashi's face and allowing the cheating until I saw the video.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

I'm not sure about Pete's skills, but I watched that Koby video and it's interesting. First of all, I thought it was funny that Gersh Kuntzman tried to make a big deal that they were "still chewing!" after the buzzer. Hardy pointed out the obvious (that they're allowed to chew and swallow for one minute after the contest) but it proves how disconnected Kuntzman really is from the basic rules of the sport. I mean, has he BEEN to another contest besides Nathan's? I doubt it.

But what's really interesting about the video is how Hardy SEES Koby taking the after-buzzer bite and appears to say something to him (something negative like "no, no"), but apparently doesn't do anything about it when it comes time to tally the totals.

Here's a question for you. What if you were Joey Chestnut and Koby had won the five dog eat off (and the $10,000 prize) and then you saw this video. How pissed off would you be at Charles Hardy and the IFOCE? Angry enough to hire a lawyer? With shoddy judging like this, I wouldn't be surprised if it came to that someday.


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